16 September 1914

16th Sept 14

Dear Mum,

Many happy returns of the day. May God grant you many many more, and happy ones too.

Our birthday gift will be the bulk of our pay – when we get it, probably tomorrow.

Thank you very much for the watch. It was just what I wanted more than anything else. Vernie's friends in ## have given him a very nice watch also. It is slightly smaller than mine.

There is another route march tomorrow, (Thursday) so I believe. It will be a longer one than our other one too. There is also some talk of being paid tomorrow afternoon. Hope it is true.

Was hoping that one of the kids would have come out with Dad, but each day I kept forgetting to ask him. I hope his boss does not get on to him over him not going earlier.

We have no idea when we are going. There is nothing definite known.

The signallers were marched out to Roseberry today inspected. We were all sent out to different points - two men together – & had to communicate with each other and headqtrs. We all got on fairly well so I believe. Hope so anyway.

If you can spare the money, 2/6, I think you could ask Viola to call for my photos. They are finished now. If possible I'll get taken again, but not at the Crown. They don't make me pretty enough _ _ _.

Well I'll close now with love to you all & again wishing you many many happy returns from your loving son. Bert.







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