25 October 1914

S.S. Euripides
Sunday 25th Oct

Dear Mum & Dad,

I suppose that this will reach you at the same time as the other. It appears that the boat did not come out for the mail as we expected.

The weather has continued very calm & the sea has been very smooth indeed, tho there is a bit of a swell on today.

Both Vernie & I are keeping well & I'm eating like a horse. The sea air evidently is good for the appetite.

The tucker is not so very plentiful as at first. We only get enough butter & jam now to last one meal. Otherwise it is O.K.

We are entering some port or other tomorrow, & today they put us through some ceremonial drill for the occasion. I hope they let us off for an outing. It would be great to feel solid earth under us once again.

There is a lot of gambling done here by the men. Nearly everyone on board indulges in it. The other day four men were arrested for having money on them that they could not account for to the satisfaction of the police. One of them had £40 another £20 & the other two between £10 & £20. I suppose that there are several gentlemen on board who past would not

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& quote mine & Vernie's number 1175 & 1174 respectively & give our full names and all particulars as to our company & battalion & Brigade saying that we left you 4/- per day & that ought to fix things up.

On Friday we had a washing & bathing parade. We have to have a shower every second day now. Re the washing I had a flannel shirt, my Khaki shirt, cord trousers, underpants & puttees to wash. When my turn came to go to the tub the water was only warm & very dirty. I don't think that they can be much cleaner now than they were before _ _ _.

They have just told us that they are not going to censor the the letters just yet, so I might as well tell you that the port we are entering tomorrow is Albany W.A.

One of the Capts here is a chap from the operating rooms. Many a time I've been swearing at him. He was the chap in charge of the "Stop Station" notices that are sent to "wanted" stations about 6pm. He looks quite different in a uniform. In fact he looks smart. There are quite a lot of us here from the P.O. & every one of them were under the impression that the Dept were making up the difference. Well I'll close now with love to you all from your loving son Bert.






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