3 May 1915

Hospital Ship
May 3/15

Dear Mum & Dad & brothers & sisters,
I've been wounded in the right shoulder & am progressing finely. Vernie is O.K., saw him just before they took me away. Had been in the firing line 4 days before they got me. On the morning of the fifth day the Tommies releived us & they got me as we were retiring to the rear for a days rest so now I'm going to have more than a days rest. Its hard work writing & makes me tired, so will you please tell Mrs Fox & Clytie etc.

We are very comfy indeed here. Nice soft beds & attendants that spoil you.

I suppose that you'll see the casualty lists long before you get this.

I've lost every mortal thing I own except the clothes I used to stand in & my great coat. Had four different rifles during the fighting. The beggars never gave us a moments peace the whole time I was there.
Love to all from your loving son & brother,






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