June 1915

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How are our letters reaching you. Throu our being sent to England, haven’t had a letter since about 20th of April & then they were delayed ones. Our mail is lying at Alexandria, & I suppose they are keeping it there till we get back. I heard tho that they’d cabled over for the mail, so I expect that just before it gets here we will leave & thus miss them again _ _ _.

I’ve been in a chronic state of bankruptcy ever since I arrived here 2 weeks ago. There is a wild rumor afloat that we will be paid today. Hope it is true as I need a few little necessaries pretty badly.

We often have a good meal of fish. Anyone that cares to go down to the bay & help the fishermen to pull in their nets can have as much fish as they can carry away. We often get a dish full, & the cooks do them up for us for nothing.

There are quite a lot of 3rd boys here at Weymouth, but most of them only lasted a day or so at Gallipoli so my four days seem quite a lot. It must seem like years to those who have escaped unhurt since the beginning.

The English have a new rifle – the long one that I always insisted was the best – fitted with the loading device of the short one & a new sight. It takes the new pointed bullet, & is point blank up to 500 yds – a great advantage. Hope to goodness I get one of them when I’m sent back. If I don’t & there’s any knocking about it wont take me long to get hold of one _ _ _.

How is the teaching getting on, Viola ##? Hope that you like it OK. And how’s the fair complexioned Ida progressing. Does she still get indignant when taking a trip round the world & back again _ _ _. And Rita I hope you are getting nice & fat & plump & leading the way at school. Eric & Gordon there’s no need to ask you two if you are leading the school is there? I’m taking it for granted that you are, so don’t disappoint me. Things are very quiet here so I’ll close now with the best of love to you all from your loving son & brother Bert.






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