November 1915

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sister (who knows nothing about my disobedience) has granted me permission to arise before dinner. After due deliberation have decided to arise at 1.30p sharp & go for a stroll. (The Sisters are very busy replenishing their expended energy at 1.30p _ _ _.)

Day before yesterday got the shock of my life. Was talking to a group of young fellows & one of them was oddly familiar. I studied him for about 5 minutes & then asked him if he happened by any chance to be in the L.H. He was. So I said “Hello Dick How is it.” It was Dick Maloney. He couldn’t place me tho. Said he knew my voice, otherwise he was at sea. After a few minutes another chap told me who I was. Then there was more handshaking. He is in C4 ward & his trouble is a shrapnel wound in the foot. He is able to get about tho he limps a little & has to have the toes of his boot cut. He looks splendid & is as brown as a berry. Its funny isn’t it, us meeting here in Eng & both being in the one hospital.

We have a fine recreation room abt 15 yds from this board where we can have free billiards, & all other sorts of parlor games. We Anzacs have the additional advantage of getting stamps free for nothing. They have a billiard tourney in progress but as it was not a handicap didn’t enter as I’ve gone off a lot.

The old Doc has recommended my discharge so the Sr says. Know I have to go before some big bug of a medico who will decide whether I’m to stay here longer, or to go to a convalescent home, or to go on furlough, so my next letter will let you know my fate.

As I lost the whole of my kit in Gallipoli [letter changes to pencil] (The Sr has scoffed the ink). I of course have not has the wherewithal to shave so I used an old razor that was begging for an owner. Spent 1hr, 5 mins in a painful & vain effort to remove my growth & finally derived great pleasure by smashing the razor to bits on the washstand. Of course I ought have known it wouldn’t shave me as it was “Made in Germany”. Well I’ll close now, hoping to have recd letters from Aust & Viv, Perce & Vernie when next I write & hoping you are all well & happy.
Your loving son & brother Bert.







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