28 November 1915

C Ward
Barrack Hospital
Milbank. Ldn SW

Dear Mum & Dad & Srers & Brers.

Well here we are again. I think I told you that I was discharged from the No 3 Ldn Genl before I was right, & I wasn’t far out. I spent almost the whole of my furlough inside & on the last day of it presented myself to the M.O. at our offices & he promptly sent me into hospital again with bronchial pneumonia. Its not serious. I’ve merely got to keep in bed. These English winters do not agree with your humble relative. Its more or less dull – generally more – the whole time, with plenty of fog 3 days out of 4. I’ll be jolly glad when I’m able to get away for I don’t think I’ll get properly well here.

I haven’t had any mail from Aust. or Gallipoli since I left there. The last I had were old letters that reached me early in Oct. These mail delays are sickening.

I expect that Vivie is out there by now. I’d love to hear from him. I can not write to him as I’ve no idea of his address.

The night sister here is an Australian nurse & she’s a real jolly old sort & always takes a delight in praising up Australian things. The scarcity & quality of fruit here is after causing amusing arguments. I’m the only Austln in this ward. I don’t think there are more than 6 of us in the whole hospital.

Well I have no news. I spent very little of my money this time owing to my not going out. I’ll try & take some decent things back to Percy & Vivie & Vernie. Well best love from your loving son & brother Bert.






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