18 October 1916

Perham Downs
Oct 18th 16

Dear Homefolks
I only received one solitary letter last week & it was from you Mum, dated 4th of August, the 2nd anniversary of this blood & thunder business.

Thanks so much for the sprig of wattle I have it stuck up on top of your photo Mum. Oh by the way, I have the 3 photos & Mrs Fox’s arranged tastefully at the head of my bed & it just shows up the room nicely.

My word, my little brown-eyed sister is coming out some, isn’t she. Good Luck Viola, I hope you get that job permanent & my heartiest congratulations too. I certainly think you deserve it. I’m quite proud of you & if I was near you I’d throw you “round the world & back again” tho I’d study your feeling to the extent of refraining from such extreme measures in the presence of your class _ _ _. Now don’t ever say I’m inconsiderate again.

Did I tell you Mum, that your photo in the "Sun" reached me here. R.Q.M.S[?] Birrell who is in this camp gave me a copy. His mother is also in the group.

I’m sending you a couple of snaps that a friend of mine – my room mate – took at a little country inn, where the other dodger in the group was rather sweet with one of the lassies. Don’t imagine for a moment that things are half as bad as the group shows _ _ _. I’m still quite unattached as far as English lassies are concerned.

Vivie was telling me that Vernie is over here on leave, staying with Rene’s cousins in Londonderry in Ireland. I don’t expect that he will look me up as I believe he thinks I’m over in France.

It is raining cats & dogs & other unpleasantries at present, & interfering considerably with my work. The wet weather keeps us confined considerably & of course outdoor work has then to be abandoned. I can see that this is going to be a very sloppy & muddy joint in the winter.

I woke up 6 days ago to the fact that I was 27. Awful to think of isn’t it. I’ll be an old man before this beastly game is over. Oh well I expect that it will all come right in the end.

Well I haven’t got anything thrilling to tell you & camp life is pretty dull & deadly, so there is very little news of any sort so I’ll close with best wishes & love from your loving son & brother






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