30 October 1916

No 7 camp
Perham Downs

Lt – Col – Price
C.O. 3rd Bn A.I.F.
Regarding my recent application to you, asking for your recommendation for a commission, I am enclosing a copy of a recommendation which I have received from Capt Winter who is the Signal Officer of this Training Centre. I am quite willing Sir, to return to the Bn immediately, or to go to an O.T.C. just as you desire, should you see your way clear to recommend me I am Sir
Yours obediently
H.Smythe Cpl (A / Sgt A Group Signal School)




This is to certify that I have known Sergt H.A. Smythe 3rd Bn (1st Training Bn) A.I.F. for some months and that he has served under me as an Assistant Instructor in Signalling.
He has always carried out his duties in a most capable & efficient manner, and I have much pleasure in recommending him as a suitable candidate for a commission.

## Winter
4th Bn North Staffordshire Reg.
Signalling officer attached
A.I.F. Training Centre.




Corp. H.Smythe,
Perham Downs. No 7 Camp

Dear Smythe,
Your letter has been received and your best way of getting the promotion you desire is by being with your own Battalion, as those men, who do well here, received consideration before any others, and while away from your unit you are likely to miss an opportunity which might otherwise offer. You can use this as a recommendation for entrance to an O.T.C should you have an opportunity of gaining selection.

C.O. ##







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