28 March 1917

Wednesday 28th March

Dear Percy
Enclosed find the value of 10 francs. Hope that it comes in handy as I know it will if you are still on the 2/- a week.

I think my bullring course must be nearly finished so don't suppose I'll be here much longer. Ought to be a guard expert soon. Have been on 4 guards so far & going on again tomorrow. Getting a bit sick of 'em.

Haven't heard a whisper of or from Viv or Vern, or any others I know are over here.

In case you didn't get my last I'm at 1st ADBD, but any you write after receipt of this, address to the Bn cos I will probably be with them.

How's the Cambridge affair getting on? Don't let them send you to Khandahar or Tidworth, that place is only a joke.

Hope everythings ok with you.

Your loving brother Bert






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