19 September 1916

Sept, 19th, 1916

My Dear Sister Clytie,
Received your welcome post card about a week ago. I suppose it would seem a little change at first being back at work, but I hope it will not be long until you have the pleasure of house keeping for that best boy of yours. I met him a couple of times within the last few days (and incidentally borrowed 20 francs of him, being short of cash) he is camped only about a mile away. I suppose you have heard from him all about his adventures at Pozieres, and how he was told off to take Mouquet Farm with 26 men.

Have not had an opportunity at seeing Roy yet. He called at our billets while in Albert, but I had gone out for a walk at the time. Was very sorry to have missed seeing him. There was no address on your PC, so I will send this to G’ville. Trusting you are well and happy, your loving brother, Percy.






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