I was sorry to lose contact with so many of my WAAAF friends for various reasons over the years.  It was not until about 1960, when I commenced work at the then Repatriation Department, that I met some of them and went to some reunions and Anzac Day events.   Sadly, I am now the only one still alive.  It is sad that I do not have more photos to enter here.

The photo below was taken in August 1995, when I was in Sydney joining a couple of Nowra friends for lunch. The two on the left are Betty Buckle, who was a stenographer and Lurline Straughan (not sure of spelling) my wonderful Drill Instructor. I cannot remember the lady on the right, as she did not serve at Nowra but was one of Betty's friends.



If anyone reading my stories, can add to what I have written or supply more photos to remember the WAAAF and the wonderful work they carried out during the war, I would be very grateful. 

I would also like to thank my dear web designer Jacqui. Without her none of these stories would have reached the outside world and I am truly grateful for her hard work and skill and answering my never-ending questions and patiently editing my endless corrections. I am so proud that she is part of the family and that she honours her own mother (my cousin) and our entire extended tribe with her work on the family website and the WAAAF stories.

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