I was sorry to lose contact with so many of my WAAAF friends for various reasons over the years.  It was not until about 1960, when I commenced work at the then Repatriation Department, that I met some of them and went to some reunions and Anzac Day events.   Sadly, I am now the only one still alive.  It is sad that I do not have more photos to enter here.

The photo below was taken in August 1995, when I was in Sydney joining a couple of Nowra friends for lunch. The two on the left are Betty Buckle, who was a stenographer and Lurline Straughan (not sure of spelling) my wonderful Drill Instructor. I cannot remember the lady on the right, as she did not serve at Nowra but was one of Betty's friends.



If anyone reading my stories, can add to what I have written or supply more photos to remember the WAAAF and the wonderful work they carried out during the war, I would be very grateful.  Margo.

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