Preface by the author's daughter

The following story was written by my mother Dorothy about our trip to Europe during 1973. I was nine at the time and the year living in England caused me to have a life-long case of Itchy Feet Syndrome. It did not occur to me at the time that not every child got to travel around Europe and sleep in a Kombi van. This made me both very resilient and totally spoilt. I do not remember at any point where mum didn't cope with the challenges in a quiet and proficient manner.

I have included the original photos which were taken with an old Kodak camera using slide film and scanned years later with little success. The quality is not great and although I could have replaced some of the monument photos with professional ones, I decided to keep the integrity of the book by including the original photos and authentic postcards from that time.

All the captions and footnotes in blue have been added by me and contain my memories of events - but only if it has served to enhance the story.

Jacqui Kennedy

family Dorothy, Peter, Jacqueline, David


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