24.4 1st enlistment attempt - failure due to chest measurements too small - Victoria Barracks Sydney
30.4 2nd enlistment attempt - pass - Victoria Barracks
10.5 Entrained from Sydney to Liverpool Army Camp
11.5 Taken on strength and sworn in
17.5 Notified that brother Bert Smythe wounded in action in the arm at Gallipoli
21.5 Promoted Corporal
29.6 Promoted Sergeant
30.6 Reduced to ranks after being charged in allowing a prisoner to escape whilst under his custody
7.7 Involved in Gallipoli re-invasion for cameras at Obelisk Bay Sydney
14.7 Embarked "Orsova" for overseas
22.7 Disembarked Fremantle
23.7 Re-embarked Fremantle for Middle East
6.8 Arrival and Departure from Aden
12.8 Disembarked Suez, arrived in Alexandria (Egypt)
15.8 Leave in Cairo
22.8 Embarked "Lutzon" for Lemnos
25.8 Arrived Lemnos (Greek Island) - disembarked
27.8 Embarked small troopship for Gallipoli
28.8 Disembarked Gallipoli (Turkey)
24.9 Embarked hospital ship Gallipoli with Flu/ Pneumonia
25.9 Disembarked Lemnos
26.9 Embarked troopship for England
2.10 Disembarked Malta for hospitalisation/ convalescence
26.1 Embarked troopship for Alexandria
31.1 Disembarked Alexandria
4.2 Entrained to Cairo
5.2 Percy's 23rd birthday
7.3 Appointed L/Cpl
22.3 Entrained to Alexandria
22.3 Embarked troopship "Grampian"
27.3 Arrived Toulons (France)
28.3 Left Toulons bound Marseilles (France)
28.3 Arrived Marseilles
29.3 Disembarked Marseilles - entrained for Western Front
31.3 Detrained Steenbeque
31.3 Move through Mabeque
2.4 Tourist walk to Hazebrouch
9.4 Tourist walk to Hazebrouch
12.4 Tourist walk to Meteren
20.4 Move to Sailly
1.5 Move to Front Line
20.5 Move to billets between Steenwircke and Sailly
25.5 Tourist walk to Estaires
29.5 Move to Doulieu
30.5 Move to Bac St. Maur
1.6 Move to Sailly - fatigues
2.6 Move to Bac St. Maur - fatigues
3.6 Leave in Sailly
4.6 Leave in Estaires
6.6 Move to Sailly - fatigues
7.6 Move to Doulieu - dentist then leave in Estaires
9.6 Move through Bac St. Maur to Fleurbaix
13.6 Move through Bac St. Maur to Sailly - dentist
18.6 Leave in Armentieres
23.6 Move to Bac St. Maur
24.6 Back to the Front - Millroad Post
5.7 Move to Sailly via Devon Trench
7.7 Move to Steenwircke
7.7 Leave near Bailleiul then to Sailly
9.7 Move to between Merris and Meteren
11.7 Entrained near Bailleiul
11.7 Detrained Fienvillers
11.7 Move to St. Omer via Domart
12.7 Move to Vignacourt
13.7 Move to Alonville via Flesselles, Bertangles, Coisy and Cardonette
13.7 Tourist walk to Amiens
15.7 Tourist walk to Amiens
16.7 Move to Warloy Baillon via Vadencourt
19.7 Move to the Front at Albert into Pozieres attack
26.7 Butchered Battalion relieved to between Albert and Warloy Baillon via Contalmaison
27.7 Move to Contay
28.7 Move to La Vicogue
29.7 Move to Bonneville Billets
30.7 Move to Pernois via Halloy
9.8 Move to La Vicoque
15.8 Move to near Albert via Contay, Vadencourt, Warloy Baillon
16.8 Move to the Front Line
17.8 Move to Old Mill at Pozieres
18.8 Move to Albert via Pozieres
21.8 Move to Warloy Baillon
22.8 Move to near Herissart via Vadencourt and Contay
24.8 Tourist walk to Doullens
26.8 Move to Doullens via Hazebrouck - entrained
26.8 Detrained Poperinghe move to near Ypres
31.8 Move to Front Line via Ypres
12.9 Move to Ypres - entrained
13.9 Detrained outside Ypres
23.9 Tourist walk to Poperinghe Divisional Baths
25.9 Entrained Ypres
25.9 Detrained Woodcote Farm 3-4 miles out of Ypres
26.9 Move to reserve lines Ypres-Comines Canal
27.9 Move to Front - fatigues
1.10 Transfer to 24 Battalion to brother Viv at Clamertinghe via Ypres
2.10 Tourist walk to Poperinghe Divisional Baths
11.10 Tourist walk to Reninghelst
12.10 Tourist walk to Reninghelst
14.10 Move to Front vai Ypres near Hill 60 near Zillebeke
20.10 Move to Ypres via Zillebeke - entrained
20.10 Detrained Goderwaernevelt
22.10 Move to Noordpeene via Mt. Cassel
23.10 Left Noordpeene 7 march to a village
24.10 Appointed L/Corporal
25.10 Move to St. Omer - entrained
25.10 Detrained Amiens via Etaples
25.10 Move to Brucamps billets via L'Etoile, Domart, Fienvillers and Vauchelles-les-Domart
27.10 Move to Buire-le-L'Ancre billets via Flixecourt, Amiens and Ribemont
30.10 Leave to Mametz thence to Dernancourt and Buire
2.11 Entrained near Fricourt
3.11 Move to Delville Wood (Devil's Wood) - fatigues
4.11 Move to Front
5.11 Move to Flers
6.11 Move to camp via Delville Wood
17.11 Move to Delville Wood - fatigues then move to Front via Delville Wood
21.11 Move to Delville Wood - fatigues, overnight stay
22.11 Entrained near Fricourt then walk to Dernancourt billets
22.11 Tourist walk to Buire
23.11 Tourist walk to Dernancourt Divisional Baths
25.11 Move to Fricourt
30.11 Move to Flesselles via Ribemont and Amiens
7.12 Move to Amiens via Vignacourt - sick bronchitis
10.12 Move to Rouen via Corbie
24.12 Move to Le Havre embark hospital ship "Worilda"
26.12 Dissembark Southhampton - England
26.12 Entrained Southhampton
26.12 Detrained Birmingham, driven to Edgebaston
1.1 Tourist walk to Selly Oak
4.1 Move to Dartford Convalescent Hospital
4.1 Tourist walk to Birmingham
5.1 Tourist walk to Selly Oak
8.1 Tourist walk to Birmingham
6.2 Moved to Perham Downs via Lugershall
3.5 Bert killed in action Bullecourt
23.8 Met Dorothy Jewell
14.10 Embarked "La Marguerita" Southampton for Le Havre and the Front
18.11 Notified of transfer to OTC England
7.12 Cambridge, Pembroke College for OTC
11.6 Embarked "Monas Queen" for France and the Front
17.8 Enjoined in battle at Dompiere
28.8 To be recommended for decoration
30.8 In attack on Mont St Quentin
31.10 Awarded Military Cross
11.11 Armistice Day - at Corps School at Rue
30.12 Leave to England
13.1 Returned to France
5.3 Leave for visit to Rhine area
17.3 Returned to unit
2.4 Leave to England for investiture at Buckingham Palace
8.4 Began course at London School of Art
22.5 Dorothy travels to Glasgow
7.6 Percy and Dorothy marriage in Glasgow after many difficulties with family
14.6 Return to London after honeymoon at Loch Lomond.
Witness Peace celebrations and Victory March in London
23.8 Embarked "Anchises" with Dorothy for Australia
6.10 Learned of father's death by accident
12.10 Arrived at Sydney

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