Chapter 18: Family who served our country

Full list of ancestors and relations who served in the forces that were available to me at this time - October 2012.
Any photographs of graves are available on request. The records below are taken from Family History, Family Trees, the Australian War Memorial, National Archives of Australia and oral information. Please advise me of any errors, as these reports sometimes vary. Mardi.


BAYLISS, William John (aka William John BROWN name on enlistment) (aka Yank BROWN), No. 2452 5th Contingent, Company 13. He enlisted and was discharged in New Zealand. His Parents were William John BAYLISS and Alice (nee NEALE) of Bathurst, NSW.


AHRENFELD, Norman McKinnon Joseph, b. 1894, Prahan, Vic. on 7 September 1914. He enlisted - No. 8337 5th Div. Training A.S.C. and embarked on HMAT ‘Persic 18 November, 1915 and returned to Aust. 23 June, 1919 on HMAT ‘Orita’. He was discharged 10 October 1919.  His parents were Norman AHRENFELD and Laura J. (nee KELLY).

AHRENFELD, Reuben Bernard, b.1892 d. 1968. He enlisted - No. 2558 11th A.S.C. Railhead Supply Detachment on 22 September, 1914 and embarked from Sydney on 19 December, 1914 on HMAT ‘Berrima’.  On return, he left for Aust. on ‘Dunvegan Castle’ on 13 March, 1918 but another document showed he left on the ‘Tofu’ when he arrived in Sydney on 16 June, 1918. He was discharged on 25 July, 1918. His parents are listed above.

AUBREY, Joseph Clifford, b. 1898. He enlisted – Nos. N20001 and  2125 C Coy, Bathurst Depot 3 March, 1916 in 45th Bn. and embarked 22 August, 1916 on ‘Wiltshshire’ and returned to Aust. on a Hospital Ship, 2 July, 1918. His parents were Henry John AUBREY and Vict. M. (nee THOMPSON) of Penrith, N.S.W. Aust.

Bert Brain
Bert Brain’s grave at Ontario Orpington
Churchyard Cemetery in England
The wording on his grave is:
Photo courtesy of Peter Bennett

BRAIN, Bert, b. 1896 d. 18 September 1916 of wounds in Ontario Military Hospital in England. He enlisted - No. 3465 4th Field Co. Engineers on 4 August, 1915. He is buried at Kent 98 Ontario Cemetery Orpington Churchyard, England. His parents were John Thomas BRAIN and Emma (nee STONE) from Ulverstone, Tasmania.

BRAIN, Clarence Ernest, Military Medal. b. 1894 d. 12 June 1960. He enlisted - No. 1954 Field Ambulance Brigade on 26 August, 1914 and returned to Aust. on 5 January, 1918 and disembarked on 7 March, 1919. His parents were Ernest Goode BRAIN and Adelaide Albina (nee WRIGHT) from Tas. His M.M. was not shown on the Family History. There was another Clarence Ernest BRAIN - No 3008 but could not find if he is connected to the family.


Clive Gordon Clarke

CLARKE, Clive Gordon, b. 26th January, 1894. He enlisted - No. 109 First Division Signals on 19 August, 1914 and was Killed in Action on 8 November, 1917. He is buried in Belgium 15 Reninghelst, New Military Cemetery, West Vlaanderen, Belgium 1 V.B. He was the son of Alfred Edward CLARKE and Margaret Helen nee GOWAN).


The following was taken from the book “At The Going Down Of The Sun - 365 Soldiers from the Great War.”
In November 1917, during the second Battle of Passchendaele, the 1st Division Signals Company of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) had its Headquarters in the Ramparts of Ypres.

Cpl. Clive Gordon Clarke, known to his friends as Gordon and described as ’a good lad’ was a motorcycle despatch rider attached to the company. Towards evening on 8 November 1917, Gordon was returning to Ypres after delivering a despatch to Zonnebeke.  As he passed the church near the Ramparts a shell exploded causing him multiple injuries.  Gordon was dead before he arrived at the dressing station of the 2nd Field Ambulance, A.I.F.
Members of the company, including many of his oldest mates, paid their last respects to Gordon at the graveside when he was buried with full military honours at Reninghelst Cemetery. Lieutenant R. H. Mc Nichols, 1st Division Signals Company, wrote to the Red Cross wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau in London that a cross had been erected over Gordon’s grave.  He also assured the Bureau that Gordon’s many friends would visit and look after their comrade’s grave.

Clive Gordon Clarke
Clive’s grave at Renninghelst
New Military Cemetery in Belgium

Gordon was a keen diarist and his widowed mother wrote to the Australian Base Records in 1920 begging this his last diary be send to her.
“---no matter how torn or stained it may be, I am anxious to obtain it.  HE was a good son and brother and we greatly value anything belonging to him.
Mrs. Clarke also asked that her son’s commemorative plaque known colloquially as the “Dead Man’s Penny” be sent to her on the anniversary of the outbreak of the war, as he was amongst the first Australian to volunteer for the A.I.F.
Gordon was a clerk aged 20, when he enlisted just days after the outbreak of war in 1914. Born at Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria Clarke was educated at All Saints Grammar School and had prior military experience with two years in Senior Cadets Andover two years as a militiaman in the Signals Engineers.  He embarked on the “Karros” on 20 October 1914 and served in Egypt, Gallipoli, the Sinai Desert and France before dying at Ypres, age 23.


CLARKE, Edward Vincent (aka Timo), b. 1892, d. 1959 Box Hill, Vic. He enlisted - No. 35102 8th F.A. Brigade 18 May, 1917 and returned to Aust. on the 'Tacarda' on 11 January, 1919. His parents names are listed above.

Hercules' grave at
Grevillers British

CLARKE, Hercules Lionel (aka Harold Lionel Fritz), b. 1886 d. 4 May, 1917 (of wounds received at the 2nd Battle of Bullecourt) and he was buried Grevillers British Cemetery, Pas de Calais III C.14. He enlisted - No. 37918 and later No.1582A 19th Inf. Bn. 8 August, 1916 at Dubbo, N.S.W. He embarked on the HMAT ‘Benalla’ on 9 April, 1916. Julius and William below were his brothers and their parents were Bonus CLARKE and Mary Isobel (nee EAST) from Bondi, NSW. They were 2nd cousins of the SMYTHE brothers.




Julius' name on wall at Villers Brettoneaux

CLARKE, Julius Ordo, b. 1895 d. 3 May 1917 (Killed in Action at the 2nd Battle of Bullecourt). He enlisted - 8 August, 1916 at Dubbo, Nos. 37919 and No.1593A, 19th Inf. Bn. He left Aust. on the same ship as Hercules.  His name is on Memorial Panel 88, 26 Villers Bretonneux – France.



CLARKE, William Reginald Quintus, b. 1893. He enlisted - 1 March 1917, No. 5993, 2nd Battalion AIF and embarked on ‘Wilshire’ 22 August 1916.  He returned to Aust. on ‘Ceramic’ on 23 March, 1919. (another date shows 14  March 1919)  It was reported that he served as a Torpedo Technical Assistant for the R.A.N. in W.W.II but I have no other details.

CRAWLEY, Albert Cecil, b. 1893. He enlisted - No. 7253 on 23 October, 1915 and returned to Aust. on 13 December, 1918. His parents were Robert CRAWLEY and Rachael Sophia (nee BRAIN) from Tasmania.

Hubert Roulstone Currie
Courtesy of The Spirits of Gallipoli


N.B. Members of the family used spellings of the surname – CURRIE and CURRY

CURRIE, Charles Cloudsley, b. 1897 d. age 82. He enlisted – No. 50430 2nd Fld. Squadron on 25 January, 1918 and returned to Aust. on 27 July, 1919. He was the son of William John CURRIE and Margaret SHADE and was a 2nd cousin to the SMYTHE boys.

CURRIE, Hubert Roulstone Clifford, Cpl. b. 1890 d. Killed in Action 7 August, 1915. He enlisted - No. 884 8th Light Horse, 7 August, 1914, at Tanagulla, Vic. His name is on Memorial Panel 6, 6 Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli. His parents were James CURRIE (aka CURRY) and Mary Jane (nee  PATTERSON.)  He was a 2nd cousin to the SMYTHE boys.



grave Hubert’s name on the wall at Lone Pine, Gallipoli – courtesy Matt Smith


DANDY, Cyril John, b. 16 August, 1892. He enlisted - No. 3522, 40th Bn.  He left Aust. on 3 July, 1917 and returned on 8 May, 1919. His parents were John Henry DANDY and Ada Louisa (nee WEBB). He is a 2nd cousin, once removed to the SMYTHE boys.

DAVIS, Norman Clement, b. 1889 d. 1978. He enlisted - No. 12550 Aust. Emp. Co. on 7 April, 1916 and returned to Aust. on 9 July, 1919. He was the son of Henry DAVIS and Marion (nee DAWSON) and his wife was Adrienne Estelle (nee CLARKE).

GLASGOW, William Cecil, b. 1895 d. 1966.  He enlisted - No. 1352 1st Light Horse Regiment on 17 August, 1915, and was shown as Driver on return to Aust. on 10th July 1919. His parents were William H. GLASGOW and Rebecca J. (nee ROSS) from N.S.W.

  268 William Cecil Glasgow        Bill Glasagow

GRAHAM, Alfred Edward, b. 1896 d. 1973. He enlisted - No. 3560 12th Bn. on 11 August, 1915. He then served in the 52nd and 49th Bns. He returned to Aust. on 8 January, 1919 on the ‘Orsova’. His parents were William GRAHAM and Clara (nee SMITH) from Tas. He and Ernest were 1st cousins to the SMYTHE boys. Viv (Edward Vivian SMYTHE) saw both of them, whilst fighting in France.

GRAHAM, Ernest William, b. 1891 d. 1972. He enlisted- No. 3561 12th Bn. (later 52nd Bn.) 11 August, 1915 and embarked 10 November, 1915. He returned to Aust. on the ‘China’ 5 April, 1919. Parents are detailed above.

HOOPER, Basil John, b 1895 d. 25/26 April, 1915 (shown as killed at the landing and buried by 14th Bn. soldiers).  He enlisted at Shepperton Vic. Aust.  Pte. No. 378 7th Bn.  He served 4½  years as a Volunteer Cadet and 6 months in the Senior Cadets. I can find no record of when he left Australia or the name of the ship.  He is buried at Gallipoli No. 2 Outpost Cemetery, Grave 11.  It is 1 and 1/8th  Miles from Anzac Cove.  His parents were Charles Harry HOOPER  and his mother Mary (nee ROADKNIGHT).

William’s Grave at Doullens Community
Cemetery Photo courtesy Nigel Marshall

HOOPER, William Roadknight. b. 1893 Orbost, Vic. Aust.  He enlisted Mooroopna Vic. Aust, Pte. No. 2534 46th Battalion d. 5/4/18 of wounds Canadian Stationary Hospital.  Buried Doullens Community Cemetery Extension 1, France.  Parents as above.

JOHNSTON, Charles Sykes McIntosh. Please refer to Chapter 16 for full details. His parents were David JOHNSTON and Mary Anne (nee McINTOSH). He was from Moss Vale, N.S.W.

McINTOSH, Alexander Charles, b. 1878. He enlisted - No. 156 60th Railway Co. on 21 December, 1916 and returned to Aust. on 2 March, 1919. His parents were Charles McINTOSH and Margaret (nee GRANT). He was listed as Charles Alexander on the Nominal Roll and he was my father’s uncle.

McINTOSH, (aka MACINTOSH) William Charles, b. 1894, d. 1982.  He enlisted - No. 30534 F.A. Brigade on 3 August, 1916, and embarked on the ‘Honorata’ on 23 November, 1916 and returned to Aust. on ‘Port Sydney’ 12 November, 1919. His parents were Alexander Neil McINTOSH and Anne (nee DOLMAN). He was my father’s cousin. He was listed under Charles William MacINTOSH on the Nominal Roll.

ORCHARD, Albert Arthur, (Lieut.) Military Cross and Bar.  He enlisted – No. 2000 on 27 August, 1914 FAB. He and Arthur William were brothers, both sharing the name of Arthur. Louis was the 3rd brother. He returned to Aust. on 2 September, 1919. Their parents were Arthur William Henry ORCHARD and Mary Anne Eliza (nee CAREY). Her mother was Elizabeth JESSOP, who was the daughter of James JESSOP and Elizabeth LEE. I have not worked out the relationship to my family but it is distant. They came from Launceston, Tas.


ORCHARD, Arthur William, Military Medal, b. 6 May 1896 d. 15 July 1917 of wounds.  He enlisted - No. 2493 10 Brigade A.F.A. 17 March, 1915 and is buried at the Dickebusch New Military Extension Cemetery. He had served in a few other units. His M.M. was not shown on the family history. The photo of his first grave was received from Sue Guinan in January 2017 with a copy of the Newspaper notice.

Arthurís grave at Dickebusch New Military Cemetery.



ORCHARD, Louis Dale, b. 14 February, 1893. He enlisted – No. 2028 3rd F.A.B. 27 August, 1914 and embarked 20 October, 1914. He returned to Aust. 1918. Parents listed above.


PEPPIATT, William James, b.1895 d. 13 September, 1964. He enlisted - No. 6955 12th Bn. 27 September, 1916 and returned to Aust. on 4 July, 1919. His parents were William PEPPIATT and Christine (nee EDMOND) from Tasmania.

ROADKNIGHT, James, (Lieut.) He enlisted - No. 858 b. 11 July, 1892 d. 12 October 1917 - 37th Bn. on 18 August, 1914 at Bairnsdale, Vic. Aust. and embarked on 21 October, 1914 on HMAT 'Benalla'. His parents were James ROADKNIGHT and Annie M. (nee SMITH). His name is on Memorial Panel 129 -29 the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.

Lieut. James Roadknight.     James' name on the stairs at Menin Gate.


ROADKNIGHT, Leslie Alfred No. 2015 Sgt. 22nd Bn. R.T.A. He was M.I.D. by Sir Douglas Haig.  His parents were Alfred Hill ROADKNIGHT and Joan Leslie (nee WATKIN)


Walter’s grave at Daours
Communal Cemetery

ROADKNIGHT, Walter, (Lieut.) b. 13 December, 1885. d. of wounds 11 August, 1918. He enlisted - No. 8037 7 February, 1916, 37th Bn. in Melbourne, Vic. and embarked on 3 June, 1916 on HMAT ‘Persic’. He is the brother of James listed above. His grave is at Daours Communal Cemetery Extension.



SNOW, Chester Lemuel, Military Medal, b. c.  1896. He enlisted – No. 513 25th Bn., 5 December, 1915 at Dunoon, N.S.W. His parents were Joseph J. SNOW and mother Mary. He returned to Aust. on ‘Kenilworth Castle’ on 12 April, 1918. His M.M. was awarded following action, after he was wounded at Pozieres.

SNOW, Lemuel Ramsey, Military Medal. b.c. 1896 d. 1963. He enlisted - No. 535, 41st Bn. 22 January 1916 and embarked HMAT ‘Demosthenes’ 16 May, 1916. He returned to Aust. on 3 July, 1919. He was shown as Samuel on recommendation but correct name was on his Award for M.M. Lemuel (sometimes shown as Samuel) Chester SNOW and Agnes were his parents. His wife was Jane Elizabeth (nee CAMERON).

SMYTHE, Edward Vivian, T/Major - See Chapter 1 for full details.

SMYTHE, Erle Vernon, Capt. – See Chapter 1 for full details.

SMYTHE, Herbert Andrew, Killed in Action 3 May 1917. His name is on Memorial Panel 38, 26 Villers Brettoneaux – France.  See Chapter 1 for full information. He was the eldest of the four SMYTHE brothers. See Chapter 6 for full details of his death and possible burial place. The parents of these soldiers were Edward SMYTHE and Annie (nee CURRY).

grave Bert’s Name On Wall at Villers Brettoneaux and the plaque on new stone at La Petite Croix and on white cross near stairs.


SMYTHE, Percy Ellesmere, Lieut. - See Chapter 1 for full details.

l to r. Reuben, Ernest, Stanley Tidmarsh

TIDMARSH, Ernest Joseph. Born Robertson NSW. He enlisted Cpl. No. 1785, 2nd Rfts.17th Battalion at Liverpool on 16/5/15 at age 31. He embarked on HMAT Suffolk on 28 July 1915. He was awarded a D.C.M. on 14 May 1917 for Gallantry in the Field. He was subsequently promoted to Regimental Quartermaster Sgt. (RQMS) and died on 10 November 1918 of double (also shows bronchial) pneumonia and influenza in the Asthoria Paris Hospital aged 33. Buried City of Paris Cemetery, Pantin. His parents were Joseph William and Martha Tidmarsh.

TIDMARSH, Reuben Herbert Edward. Aged 28 Years. He enlisted Pte. No. 430 5th Aust. Light Horse Regiment on 31 October 1914 and embarked on HMAT Persic on 21 December, 1914. He had been promoted on 19 July 1918 and was appointed to RSM. He was Warrant Officer Class 2 at the time of his discharge on 24 April 1919. Parents listed above.

TIDMARSH, Stanley George. He enlisted Pte. No.3126, 42nd Battalion on 23 October 1916, in Brisbane, Qld. He embarked on HMAT Wiltshire on 7 February 1917 with the 7th Reinforcements, 42nd Battalion, later transferring to 44th Bn. He disembarked in Australia on 26 August, 1919 and discharged 3 October 1919. Parents listed above.

WATTS, Geoffrey Frederick, b. 20 March, 1898 d. 1943. He enlisted - No. 69130 on 20 August, 1918 at Glenhuntly, Vic. and embarked on 7 November, 1918, and was discharged 24 December, 1918. The war was ended before he was able to serve overseas. He died in Burma during W.W.II. His wife was Elsa Decima (nee CLARKE) and his parents were Henry Charles Slater WATTS and Louise (nee WATTS). See also W.W.II.

William's grave at


WEBB, William Henry, b. Nov 1897 d. 8 December, 1917. He enlisted - No. 2659 40th  Bn. 3 October, 1916 in Launceston, Tas. He is buried at Berks Cemetery Extension (Rosenburg Plots), Ploesteert. His parents were Charles Albert WEBB and Fannie.





AHRENFELD, Alfred Edward, b. 4 January, 1906 in Sydney, N.S.W. He enlisted – Nos. N388890 then NX 118627 130 Brigade Workshop at Cobbity Field on 25 June, 1942. He was discharged on 26 July, 1945 with the Rank of Sgt. His wife was Dorothy (HOLTZ) and parents were John Edward Fufton AHRENFELD and Hilda Emmaline (nee EDWARDS).

AHRENFELD, David Norman, b. 13 August, 1924 in North Sydney, N.S.W. and d.1998. He enlisted - No. 70444 in the R.A.A.F., 76 Base Operational Unit on 22 September, 1942 in Bexley, Sydney, N.S.W. He was discharged with the rank of Cpl. on 20 March 1946. His parents were Norman McKinnon Jos. AHRENFELD and Hilda Kathleen (nee LAWRENCE).

BRAIN, Albert Erle, b. 7 September 1901 at Ulverstone, Tas. He enlisted – No. T34957 1 June 1942 and was discharged 25 June 1945. His parents were John Thomas BRAIN and Elsie Emma (nee STONE).

BRAIN, George Trevor, b. 15 February, 1914 at Launceston, Tas.. He enlisted – No. TX6522 2/7th Field Regiment on 23 January, 1942 at Upper Burnie/Burnie, Tas. and was discharged 21 December,1934. His parents were Harry BRAIN and Elsie May (nee POTTER).

BRAIN, Keith Gerald, b. 21 January, 1909 in Launceston, Tas. He enlisted – No. TX15038 and T28852 12th  Field Coy. R.A.E at Brighton, 29 January 1943 in Invermay. He served in New Guinea and New Britain was discharged on 25 October, 1945. His parents were Stanley BRAIN and Mabel Annie (nee POTTER) from Tas. His next of kin was Ella May (nee VINEY).

*BRAIN, Levic Lionel George, b. 2 May, 1912 in Devonport, Tas. He enlisted – No. T1021081 R.A.A.F. General Details Depot at Devonport. His next of kin was Rose.

*BRAIN, Levic Lionel George, b. 5 February, 1912 in Sheffield, Tas. He enlisted - No. 88164 R.A.A.F. on 18 March, 1941 in Hobart and was discharged on 3 February, 1945. His next of kin was Nancy (nee PAR KINSON) His parents were Percy John BRAIN and Rose Mary (nee BLAKE).

*Full Records not digitalised at N.A.A. and data from there is brief. I am not sure where I was able to obtain the some of the above details and so am not able to confirm them all.  They probably refer to the same person.

BRAIN, Lindsay Gordon, b. 1 October, 1918 at Launceston, Tas. He enlisted – No. 30450 R.A.A.F. at Invermay, Launceston on 26 January, 1940 and was discharged 12 December 1945, HQ, N/W Area. His parent’s were Harry BRAIN and Elsie May (nee POTTER).

BRAIN, Maxwell Charles, b. 21 August, 1924 at Richmond, Vic. He enlisted – No. 117809 R.A.A.F. at Reservoir, Melbourne, and was discharged on 12 February, 1946 from 114 Mobile Fighting Unit. His parents were Edgar Lewis BRAIN and Ruby (nee GLADY).

BRAIN, Maxwell James, b. 28 June, 1921 at Launceston, Tas. He enlisted – Nos. T43184 and TX153126, at Yerongapilly, Qld. 24th Australian Line Signals. His parents were Harry BRAIN and Elsie May (nee POTTER).

BRAIN, Reginald Lawrence. I believe he served in W.W. 2 because there was a photograph of him in the family history book in uniform. I have no other details and was unable to find his name in the W.W.II Nominal Roll.

BRAIN, Ronald Keith, b. 4 December, 1916 at Ulverstone, Tas. He enlisted – No VX127567 on 7 October, 1942 at Toorak, Royal Park, Vic, and was discharged 23rd Aust. Inf. Bn. 7 March, 1946. His next of kin was shown as Doris (her 2nd name according to my records, was Rose Doris) (nee RAYMER). His parents were Henry Lewis BRAIN and Florence Evelyn (nee (BURGESS).

BRAIN, Stanley Charles, b. 12 January, 1916 at Ulverstone, Tas. He enlisted – No. TX227 2/12 Bn. on 20 October, 1939, Brighton, Tas. and was discharged 7 January, 1944. He was one of the ‘Rats of Tobruk’. His parents were Carl Cecil BRAIN and Selina Elizabeth (nee BANFIELD).

BRAIN, Stanley Thomas, b. 12 June, 1907 in Launceston, Tas. Family History quoted date of birth as 1900 but Service Documents gave data as above. He enlisted - No. T21085 on 111 R.G.H. 10 January, 1942 in “B" Class category, due to a leg injury and was discharged on 7 June, 1946. His parents were Stanley BRAIN and Mabel Annie (nee POTTER)

James Burgess

BURGESS, James Russell, b. 1 March, 1923 d. 29 June, 1944. He enlisted - No. 422130, 70 Wellington Squadron, R.A.A.F. His was a Flight/Sergeant when his plane was shot down and crashed in Bulgaria, where he is buried in Sofia Military Cemetery. His parents were Raymond BURGESS and Mary (nee RUSSELL) from Rockdale, Sydney, N.S.W.

CLARKE, David Gordon, b, 15 November, 1924. He enlisted – No 121149 as an L.A.C. in the R.A.A.F. at Elwood , Melbourne, Vic. on 26 November, 1942 and was discharged on 24 June 1946.  He served in New Guinea and Borneo.

CLARKE, Jack Alfred Hopetoun, b. 8 July, 1912, d. 3 February, 1994. He enlisted - N57237 and NX43493, 2/10th AGH, 8th Division and was a Medical Orderly. He was a prisoner of war of the Japanese in Changi Prison, Singapore and suffered a lot of privation there, working all day on the wharves and then attending the hospital at night, working additional hours, helping the sick and injured. His experiences left him with lasting disabilities but he had very little to say about what happened to him there. Leo CLARKE was his younger brother. His next of kin was Zillah M. A. (nee BENNETT) and his parents were Leo Hopetoun CLARKE and Evelyn (nee RILEY) from Concord, NSW.

CLARKE, Leo Clive, b. 13 May, 1923. d. 1 July, 1975. He enlisted - N7003 in the Militia on 17 July, 1940 and later NX114564, 1st Armoured Regiment on 17 December, 1941 as a Tank Driver and saw service in New Guinea and Balikpapan in Borneo. He was discharged on 18 January 1946. His parents are detailed above.  

CLARKE, Margaret McIntosh, (nee JOHNSTON). She enlisted - No. 105705, W.A.A.A.F. 10 August, 1942 in Sydney N.S.W. and served as a Clerk Stores at Nowra, Coolangatta, Brisbane and Macrossan. Members of this branch of the service were not permitted to serve overseas. She was discharged on 14 August, 1945. Her parents were Charles Sykes McIntosh JOHNSTON and Ida Clare Marie (nee SMYTHE), previously from Rankin’s Springs and Ramsgate, Sydney.  Full WAAAF career

CLARKE, Ronald Francis George, b. 13 March, 1921 at Sheffield, Tas. He enlisted Sth. Burnie, Hobart. Tas. on 26 February, 1941 No. 30994 in the R.A.A.F. and was discharged 2 November, 1945. He was on duty in the North Eastern Area. His parents’ names are unknown.

CLARKE, William Reginald Quintus. It was reported that he served as a Technical Assistant for the R.A.N. but I have no details. Please refer to W.W.1 for other information. 

COLBECK, Allan Lindsay, b. 19 December, 1920 at Launceston, Tas. He enlisted – No. 31257 R.A.A.F., 1 O.P.T.U. on 26 June, 1941 at Invermay, Hobart and was discharged on 12 March, 1946. His wife was Meg Hemphill (nee BRAIN) and parents were Frank COLBECK and Isobel.

COLLINSON, Reginald Alfred, b. 26 October, 1913 in Moine, Tas. He enlisted – No. TX552 163 A.A. Battery (Airborne) 9 November, 1939 at Brighton in Tas. and was discharged on 18 May, 1944. His parents were Alfred COLLINSON and Lily (aka SHANKS) (nee CRAWLEY) of Tas. No other details available from the National Archives.

COLLINSON, Walter Robert, b. 11 September, 1909, Longford, Tas. He enlisted - No. T155093 in the Army at Launceston, Tas. His parents details are above.

CRAWLEY, Robert Stuart, b. 18 September, 1919 at Maleny, Qld.  He enlisted No. QX14972 2/25th Bn. R.F.T.S. at Maleny/Kelvin Grove, Qld. on 18 July 1940 and was discharged 2 September, 1943. His parents were Robert Herbert CRAWLEY and Ida Johanna (nee TESCH).

CURRIE, Brian Leyland, b. 19 January, 1924. He enlisted - No. VX147548 52nd Aust. Comp. A/A Reg. Sigs. at Mentone, Vic. 30 November, 1943 and was discharged on 28 August, 1946. His parents were Robert Kingsley CURRIE and Violet (nee HILIER).

CURRIE, Ronald Kingsley, b. 21 October, 1919, He enlisted - No. VX5846 2/7th Bn.  at Dandenong, Vic. on 30 October, 1939.  He was discharged on 21 December, 1939.  His parents are listed above.

DALE, Charles Henry, b. 12 September, 1924 at Launceston, Tas. He enlisted – No. 88288 at Hobart, Tas. in the R.A.A.F. Liaison Office on 14 December, 1942 at Hobart, Tas. and was discharged on 14 February, 1946. His father was Charles DALE and his mother’s name is not known. His wife was Joan Beryl (nee GRAHAM).

DAVIS, David Gordon. b. 15 November 1924 at Rushworth, Vic.  He enlisted No. 121149 at Elwood, Vic. 26 November 1942 in the R.A.A.F. and was discharged as a L.A.C. on 26 June 1946.  His parents were Norman Clement DAVIS (WW1 Veteran) and Adrienne Estelle (nee) CLARKE.

DIMMACK, Malcolm Claude, b 29 April, 1922 Adelaide, Sth. Aust. He enlisted – VX86883 7th Div. Signals on 11 June, 1942 at Parramatta, N.S.W. His parents were Claude DIMMACK and Alice Isobel (nee ORCHARD).

DODD, James Robert, b. 19 May, 1921 at Sheffield, Tas. He enlisted – Nos. T43112 and TX13909 on 21 March, 1943, in Devonport/Laudenam Park, Vic. and was discharged on 7 March, 1946 from the 31st Australian Baking Unit. His parents are John Claude DODD and Ivy Beatrice (nee CRAWLEY).

DOOLEY, Albert Harrison, b 24 May, 1905 at Magnet, Tas. He enlisted - No. T28912 on 8 January, 1942, and was discharged 12 November, 1945, 9 Aust. Workshops A.E.M.E. His wife was Jean (nee BROOKS) and his parents were Michael Harrison DOOLEY and Ada May (nee BRAIN).

EEDY, Arthur Noel, b. 25 December, 1897, Yass, N.S.W. He enlisted – No. 377232 14th  Bn. Volunteer Defence - Part time) on 29 March, 1942 at Yass, N.S.W. and was discharged on 29 September, 1945. His wife was Jean (nee BROOKES) and parents were Arthur Malcolm EEDY and Lillian Blanche (nee VALLENTINE).

Neville Faulks

FAULKS. Neville Stanley, b. 20.7.23 in Ryde, Sydney, NSW. Enlisted 16.9.1941 and disc. 26. 5. 1945, No. 420930 He had served overseas in the Pacific. He was interested in joining the RN Fleet Air Arm and was accepted as a Probational Sub. Lt RANVR 26.7.45 He was killed in accident on 12 March 1946, when his aircraft on HM Implacable stalled on take-off and ditched into the sea off the NSW coast. (I was informed it was off Jervis Bay.) His body was not recovered. His parents were Thomas George Stanley and Jessie Laura Faulks (nee McPhee –Sister-in-law to Temp. Maj. E.V.Smythe). Neville is remembered on the Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial and the Plymouth Naval Memorial.

FOLEY, Stanley Donald, b. 6 November, 1916 at Staverton/Laburnam, Tas. He enlisted – Nos . T27638 and TX14369 2/10th  Bn. and was discharged on 25 March, 1945. His wife was Joan (nee CRAWLEY) and his parents’ names are not known.

FRITH, Bernard Joseph, b. 16 January, 1916 at Laverton, Victoria. He enlisted – No. 117629 in 105 Fighter Control Unit, R.A.A.F. on 20 August, 1942 at Northcote/Melbourne and was discharged 2 July, 1945. His parents were Arthur Leslie FRITH and Icelette Jane (surname unknown).

FRITH, Leslie Arthur, b. 7 December, 1912. He enlisted – No. T15847 15 Supply Depot Co. A.A.S.C. on 8 June, 1942 at Hobart/Brighton, Tas. and was discharged 24 January, 1947. His parents were Arthur Leslie FRITH and Icelette Jane (surname unknown).

FULLER, Walter James Stanley, (Lieut.) b. 12 August, 1905, Launceston, Tas. He enlisted - No. T96 on 20 October, 1939 in Launceston. He later transferred to the Intelligence Corps and was discharged 11 September, 1945. Family notes stated that he retired 1952 with the rank of Capt. On discharge his unit was shown as Aust. Inf. Corps, L. of C. Area. His parents were Walter FULLER and Mabel Archer (nee PEPPIATT), from Launceston, Tasmania.

GRAHAM, Gordon Percy, b. 20 October, 1900 Derby, Tas. He enlisted – No. V11184 - 111 Heidelberg Military Hospital, Vic. 17 February, 1941 at Mornington/Royal Park, Tas. and discharged on 25 March, 1947.His parents were William GRAHAM and Clara Louise (nee SMITH). I located two other enlistments at the National Archives V57266 at Mildura and V374765 at Wunghu in Vic. but no other details. He and Lindsay were cousins to the SMYTHE boys.

GRAHAM, Lindsay Leonard, b. 31 July, 1904 Derby, Tas d. 1977. He enlisted – No. 89 O.B.T.U. on 20 April, 1942 in the R.A.A.F. at Launceston/Hobart, Tas. and was discharged on 15 January, 1946. His parents were William GRAHAM and Clara (nee SMITH) from Tas. His older brothers Alfred and Ernest served in W.W.I. His wife was Beryl Jean (nee HARPUR).

GRAHAM, Stanley Gordon, b. 21 November, 1925, Mildura Vic. He enlisted – No. 439149 in R.A.A.F. on 14 January, 1944 in Melbourne and was discharged 16 September, 1946, L.A. G.H.Q. Northern Area. His parents were Gordon Percy GRAHAM and Ivy Rose (nee DOERING). His wife was Jessie May (nee FAIRCHILD).

GURR, Keith Ronald, b. 1 May, 1910 in Sheffield in Tas. He enlisted – No. V311901 in the Army at Brunswick Vic. on 3 February, 1942 and was discharged Sigs. 3 Lines of Communication on 17 January, 1947. His parents were Oscar George GURR and May (nee CRAWLEY). His wife was Lorna May (nee FERRIS).

HALL, Charles Joseph, b. 14 April, 1921, Gawler, Tas. He enlisted – Nos. T27322 and TX144426 on 27 April, 1943 at Ulverstone/Cambridge, Tas. and was discharged 16 November, 1945, 55 Light AA Reg. His father was Henry HALL. Charles wife was Joan Nancy Joy (nee BRAIN).

JAYNES, Geoffrey Thomas, b. 4 August, 1921. He enlisted – No. 928 on 26 March, 1942 at Lebina/Launceston Tas. and was discharged on 6 June, 1946, 12/40 A.I.B. His father was Thomas JAYNES and mother’s name unknown. His wife was Merle May Rachel (nee BRAIN).

JOHNSTON, David McIntosh, b. 1925.  He enlisted - No. 439995 No. 24 Liberator Squadron, 28 August 1943, and was a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner. He was discharged on 2 November, 1945. He saw service in Nadzab, (New Guinea), Fenton (near Darwin), Morotai, Palawan (Phillipines) and Balikpapan (Borneo). His parents were Charles JOHNSTON and Ida (nee SMYTHE) from Ramsgate in Sydney and previously  Rankin’s Springs.

LAPTHORNE, Robert William, b. 3 August, 1924. He enlisted - No. 88101 at Launceston, Tas. (this data from NAA) and was discharged on (the following from Family History) 10 February, 1947, 6 Australian Psychology Unit. His parents were Cyril George LAPTHORNE AND Winifred Ida nee (CLARKE).

LE BRUN, George William, b. 30 May, 1924 at Mildura, Vic. He enlisted - No. 59282 in the R.A.A.F. on 15 July, 1942 at Mildura/Melbourne Vic. and was discharged 16 January, 1946 from 23 Squadron. His wife was Mavis Irene (nee GRAHAM) and parents were Charles LE BRUN and Dorothy (nee KEMPTON).

LEONARD, Keith Frederick, b. 27 July, 1920 at Pymble, N.S.W., d. 2002. He enlisted – No. 31044 in the R.A.A.F. at Hobart, Tas. on 21 April 1941 and was discharged 25 February, 1946 from 9 Aircraft Holding Unit. His parents’ names are not known but his next of kin was Dorothy Mavis (nee GRAHAM).  

LEWIS, Kenneth George, b. 17 August, 1926 at Hobart, Tas. He enlisted - Nos. T103086 and TX16788 on 20 April, 1945 at Newtown/Brighton, Tas. and was discharged on 10 February, 1947, 6 Australian Psychology Unit. His parents were Alfred George LEWIS and Espeth Ada (nee LAYTON) and his wife was Helen Blanch (nee MCLEAN).

LIVESAY, John Cecil, b. 28 December, 1913 at Moonee Ponds, Vic. He enlisted - No. V370101 on 23 November, 1942, at Essendon/Moonee Ponds and was discharged from 18th Bn. Volunteer Defence Corps on 29 November, 1944. His parent’s names are not known and his wife was Dorothy Jean (nee KERR).

MANNING, Geoffrey Basil F, b. 15 August, 1919 in Hobart. Tas.  He enlisted - No. 30622 R.A.A.F. on 26 September, 1940 at Invermay/Hobart and was discharged from 7 Airfield Construction Co. on 11 January, 1948. His parents were John Henry MANNING and Winifred Eveline (nee FREEMAN).

MCINTOSH, Ronald John Fraser, b. 7 November, 1923 in Singleton, N.S.W. He enlisted - No. NX7368 in the A.I.F. at Miller’s Point, Sydney and was discharged as a Capt. 2/3rd Bn. on 9 October, 1945. He served in the Middle East and New Guinea. His parents were Charles Alexander MCINTOSH and Clara Jane (nee STONE) of Hurstville, Sydney, N.S.W. and wife was Mary Constance (nee THOMPSON).

ORWIN, George William, b. 20 May, 1926 in Carlton, Vic. He enlisted – No. 149470 in the R.A.A.F. on 26 May, 1944 at E. Brunswick/Melbourne and was discharged 8 March, 1946, 5 Communications Unit. (He may be the son of George William ORWIN and Kathleen May (nee MILLER). George ORWIN was shown as next of kin on service papers but on my Family Tree I only have George as his name and no birth date.

OVERTON, Charles William, b. 18 August, 1917, Sheffield, Tas. He enlisted – No. T24089 on 12 March, 1941 at Ouse, Tasmania and was discharged on 20 February, 1942 from Brigade Area Staffs. His next of kin was Betty (no other details). His parents were William Charles OVERTON and Elsie May (nee BRAIN).

OVERTON, Roy Douglas, b. 2 January, 1912 at West Kentish, Tas. He enlisted - No. T28810 on 7 January, 1942 at Upper Burnie/Burnie, Tas. and was discharged on 13 July, 1943, 80th Australian Camp Hospital. His next of kin was his wife Florence Edna Iris (nee SWAIN). His parents are listed above.

RICHARDS, Russell Thomas b. 29 November, 1922 at Ulverstone, Tas. He enlisted - No. TX 11665 on 1 October, 1942 at Parklands, Brighton, Tas. and was discharged from 55 Aust. A.A. Reg. His wife was Sheila Fay (nee BRAIN) and his parents’ names are not known.

SMYTHE, Herbert Edward Vivian (Ted) Lieut. b. 2 August, 1920, d. 2002. He enlisted – No. NX 102247 at Bathurst, N.S.W. He served from 2 December, 1941 to 25 January, 1946 and served in an Intelligence Unit, seeing service in New Guinea and was to be sent on clandestine missions. He did not talk about these actions. His parents were Edward Vivian SMYTHE and Kathleen Clytie (nee McPHEE) from Pennant Hills and previously Erigolia, N.S.W. and his wife Judith (nee Mc CAY)

The following is part of a report (edited by me for these pages) that was prepared by his cousin Barry and printed in the Lithgow Mercury Newspaper on 18/11/02. The parts in green were hand written notes added by Barry afterwards.

Ted Smythe – his life story reads like a well written adventure story.

His funeral ceremony was attended by family, friends, colleagues and ex-students.

The latter told of always speaking to him respectfully as Mr. Smythe, but among themselves he was affectionately known as Ted.

Being raised in Erigolia near Rankins Springs in NSW instilled in him a love of Australia and bush culture which never left him.

Educated in small country schools he shone academically and won a bursary to attend Fort Street High School.

He topped the state in one subject of the Intermediate Certificate. Shakespeare Prize.

He was a talented footballer, and interest he retained all his life.
In 1977 the press touted him as a future Australian fullback when he scored all 22 points for Fort Street in a game won against Canterbury. Injuries forced him out of football and he took up boxing, winning many trophies. Flyweight and feather weight.

He was rejected at his first attempt to join the army in 1942 because of childhood illness. Hydatids

Ted persisted and in 1942 was accepted into the AIF, Serving two tours of duty in New Guinea fighting on the Kokoda Track.

Surrounded by enemy troops his unit called for artillery fire, but when it came many of the shells landed on Ted’s Unit knocking out their communications.

On another occasion his company was waiting to be flown to cut off retreating enemy troops near Buna. A Liberator (American) bomber crashed on takeoff, enveloping the waiting men in a fireball of fuel and high explosives. 112 were killed or wounded and Ted and the other 8 still fit for duty, were four hours later put on another plane to continue the mission.

The company being virtually wiped out by that tragic accident was the nadir of Ted’s life.

Survivors after the crash 7-9-1943 (from Sunday Mail Colour Magazine 5-9-1971). Ted is in the rear. Army Court Of Inquiry stated 71 killed and 92 Injured and these names are listed in the "The Footsoldiers". According to the report in the Magazine by Derek Sligo


He attained the rank of Lieutenant and was recruited into Army Intelligence, serving in the ”M” Special” unit which had close association with the legendary “Z Force”.

In 1945, while waiting in Perth for transport by a USA submarine for “somewhere east of Sundays” he met Corporal Judith McKay. As Ted put it, “there was a rushed wedding that lasted 57 years.”

Fortunately, the war ended before he left on that mission as later research showed that he would not have survived.


TONZING, Francis William, b. 24 April, 1918 at Mildura, Vic. He enlisted – No. VX34874 on 27 June, 1940 at Sth. Yarra/Royal Park, Vic. and was discharged from 2/24th Bn. on 31 October, 1945. His father was Francis and his wife Dorothy Jean (nee GURR). The Family Tree record shows his wife as Jean (nee DODD).

WATTS, Geoffrey Frederick, b. 20 March, 1898, d. 19th May, 1943 in Burma. He enlisted - No. VX 35545 on 14 August, 1940 in Moe/Royal Albert Park, Vic. He was in the 105 Gen. Transport Co. He is buried at Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery Myanmar A11. C.3. See W.W.I for further details.

WELLARD, Stafford Thompson, b 15 August, 1901 at Forth, Tas. He enlisted - No. 118281 in the R.A.A.F. on 19 September, 1942 at Undera/Melbourne, Vic. and was discharged 23 November, 1945, 4 Repair Service Unit. His wife was Elsie May (nee BRAIN) and parents names unknown.


ATKINSON, Darrell William, b. 2 July, 1914 at Burnie Tas. He enlisted - No. 234162 Aust. Militia Forces ‘A’ Company, Burnie, on 3 February, 1933 Tas. and was discharged 7 July, 1934. His parents were Allan Cox ATKINSON and his wife was May (nee LAPTHORNE). His Next of Kin was shown as Mildred.



My cousin Barry Smythe served in the Korean War. His wife provided the only details that she has. No. 25650 Pte. 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. She believes that he enlisted about 1952. He died this year but when he was alive, he did not want these details included because his memories of what happened in Korea upset him too much.

The long line of starving refugees, women with children and elderly people with no shelter (especially in the winter) disturbed him immensely. Some of the harsh, unjust treatment dealt out by some South Korean Officers to their own men was against his ethics. The loss of comrades and the wounding of others added to his distress.

He did receive a letter of thanks from the Korean Government in June 2010 and an invitation to attend the 60th Anniversary of the commencement of the war, but as far as I know he did not attend.








There are currently two family members in the armed services carrying out duties as required by our Government.


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