In 2019, Group Captain Warren Bishop organised for Margaret to be recognised for the outstanding work she has done on this website and also on the Facebook page. Through her hard work, she has created an enduring legacy for all Australians and for this she has been recognised for her service with the award of a Chief of Air Force Gold Commendation.



Further to this in 2022, Margaret was honoured by having a writing award named after her: The Corporal Margaret Clarke Award.
The objective of the award is to encourage and inspire enlisted aviators to consume, contribute and contest contemporary air and space power issues; and to research, analyse and debate possibilities for air and space power beyond the future force. More information.

Margaret passed away peacefully in June 2022 aged 98. She still retained all her faculties and her memory was phenomenal. She was funny and sassy and mischievous. It has been my great pleasure to have worked with her on the family history and her service stories for the past 20+ years. She was a diligent student when teaching her how to use a computer and she never lost the passion to learn. We shared a sense of humour and deep respect for history. She was my aunt and my friend.

Jacqui (website manager)

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