16 July 1913


Dear Mum

Arrived safely the town, as far as I can remember it, is in the same old place. Spent the morning up at the DRO’s office with Vernie & at feeding time adjurned to Mrs Casbournes, & was introduced to some of the nutz & fenutz. The Fenutz, so far, are all married, so my careworn brow has been displaced by one of placid contentment.

Had a fair trip down, met the other two chaps at the Stn OK & had a carriage to ourselves to near Junee. The foot warmer was OK till about 2 am when it died a natural death. After that our tootsies began to suffer some. However we heroically put up with all the discomforts like true Hor-Shailyens [Australians]. Have no news – haven’t been here long enough to find the gossipers so I close – Oh saw Dad at Coolamon he looks fair, hadn’t time to say anything at all. Your loving son Bert.

Sidebar: I'm not to sure when you told me to keep Vernies 15/- for myself or to post it on so as I am in a good humor I’ll send it






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