4 April 1915

S.S. Derfflinger
Sunday April 4th 1915

Dear Mum & Dad & Brothers & Sisters.
I’ve only got one sheet between you & Elsie so I’ve had to tear it in two. Haven’t had time to write. Got word suddenly on Saty mng that we were off Saty night. We got rumors Friday night but, tho we thort we would be moving soon, had no idea that it would be so sudden. Had no time on Saty to write as I had charge of a fatigue party. I had a letter to Mrs Fox half completed on Friday night & I’ve managed to finish it. We’ve got an idea where we are going to but of course cannot say. In any case our surmises may be wrong. This is a boat that’s been captured from the Germans _ _ _. That’s insult to injury – using a German boat to take her enemies to the front _ _ _. She will have a few more insults to swallow before its all over. Half the 3rd left camp after six on Saty marched to Cairo & trained to Alexandria getting here about 8.30am Sunday. The other half of the 3rd was to leave at 3am, things are very very rough on board. No conveniences at all & very crowded - nothing like the good old “Euripides”.
However we don’t mind it a bit & are quite prepared to find that there’s not even a billiard table in our messroom _ _ _. There’s been a few promotions in A & now I’m 3rd on the list. There’s another promotion in the air too which will make me 2nd so I may be drawing 10/- a day soon if I have any luck. Well good bye for the present. Don’t expect letters regularly after this. As everything extra we carry means extra work, they will most likely be short ones. Love to all from your loving son & brother Bert.






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