3 October 1915

Sunday Oct 3rd 15

Dear Homefolks.

Thanks very much Viola for sending me that piece of doggerel. As soon as I heard about it about a month ago I was consumed with a fierce curiosity to see it. If ever you meet the beggar that wrote it you can tell him he has an infernal cheek. If there’s one thing I abominate it is being called “Bertie”. It’s too much like La-de-dah Algenon. Don’t mind “Bert” but the other ______.

You’ll no doubt be interested to know that your letter took 2 ½ months to reach me. It wasn’t delayed throu me being in hospital as Vernie got mine & sent them over with a visitor. I got 3 others with yours all of which were 2 months old.

You’ll be quite proud of Vernie. He’s got his second star now so he is a full Leuit instead of a Subaltern. Yes Viv I did the rising act several times when I got back. Used to rise regularly at 4am every morning whilst in the firing line & at 10am when I wasn’t.

Yes I bet my diary proved interesting to some beggar. So interesting that he is still reading it.

That monagram of yours is quite cute. It looks just the shining agate. What does it mean “Eileen’s very smart” or “Eileen’s very .... --.--..-... ” _ _ _. I’ve put it in the code so that you cant read it & have jammed it up so that even if you get a copy it will take some bother. But this is what it really means – the second’s an illadvised joke “Eileen’s very ….--..-” _ _ _. Never mind Kid Remember you are 18 & never been __er __er __19.

Haven’t seen Percy this good while & neither has Vernie, but as no news is good news at this game he must be O.K.

Thank Mr Flight for his kind remembrances. Do you still memorise the number of piebald horses you see _ _ _. Also Kiss the tips of Nancies fingers for me, & tell her I often stay awake till 2 in the morning thinking of her. It is not quite true but tell her just the same. As a matter of fact I lie awake till 1.30.

The wattle you sent was a little late for wattle day, but I’m wearing it in my cap together with that sprig of artificial wattle that you send some time ago. Who knows but what I may be able to bring the artificial piece back with me. Well Vi that brings me to the end of your very welcome letter. As I received no other home mail, I suppose I’d better tell you all what little the censor will allow.

Well I’m allowed up now, but am still very shaky on my pinz. I go for short walks at ½ amile a hour every day or so to the canteen to purchase little delicacies at unheard of prices. I generally feel quite sick after pricing something that I fancied. Have been trying to get on the track of tinned chicken or turkey but have not so far been successful. Some tongues took my eye the other day but I got pains in my toes when I found out they were 3/-. Brovy used to sell them for 9’.

Tuesday Oct 5th. Vernie was over to see me on Sunday afternoon. He looks quite well & very flash _ _ _. in his brand new officers rigout. He brought me a letter from you Mum & also a note from Percy who is quite OK, & from one of those Fijians in that photo – Thompson.

I suppose its too late now but I hope Viv hasn’t joined the 3rd Bn, as reinforcement officers are not taken on the strength. He probably will be messed about in Egypt for ever so long. You don’t say, but I presume Vivie has passed the officers exam. Your letter is dated 15/8/15.

Hope you all had a good time at the Military sports. What I’ve seen of them they have always been a success.

I’m afraid Mum that this sickness has again knocked my chance of promotion on the head. I just missed my chance twice before. This will be the third time. However it cant be helped.

Wednesday Oct 6th. Vernie has just sent me over three more letters one of which is yours dated 22/8/15.

Wont it just be OK when the house is our very own. It ought to be quite a novel experience walking in our own house when we return – at least to Vernie & I.

No doubt that chap throwing the Turk over the presipice looked very realistic but they might made the portrayal as accurate as possible. That yarn has been awfully exaggerated.

I’m sorry to say that the Sunday afternoon that Vernie was here one of the orderlies went mad & took my temp. Result – Bed. Still bed & have been marked for the base. As I’m not too well its just as well as there is more complete arrangements there. Am on Light diet & to properly appreciate LD you want to be on it for a few days. Have no idea when they’ll move me.

Haven’t got drunk on the wine allowance yet. I don’t think there is any danger of me becoming an hotel door support _ _ _.

Writing is a bit of a strain as I’m lying down but in any case I cant think of anything else. Don’t imagine that I’m dangerously ill as I’m not. Will write again soon. Send mail same address.

Best love & plenty of it to every one of you. Your loving son & brother Bert.






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