17 May 1916

[Although marked 17 April, it is more likely 17 May as Bert refers to previous events during the month]


3rd Bn. CARE 1st N.S.W. Training Bn.

17th April 16

Dear Homefolks
Things are just bumping along in much the same way as before. As per usual all mail is conspicuous by its absence. Had one letter from Jd last week. It had been to England. Haven’t had anything from Percy or Vivie yet nor any news of them. Far as I know Vernie is still in the same place & OK. Altho comparatively close, letters to & from him seldom occupy less time than 8 to 10 days.

They are advertising for qualified telegraphists for something or other, so I’m having a shot at it. I’m absolutely full up to the neck of being away from my Bn. Of course it doesn’t follow that I’ll get the job. I don’t know what it will be like if I do get it – may be out of the frying pan etc. Hoping for the best tho.

Have been doing a bit of flag wagging lately just to keep my eye in. Might have to take it on if I rejoin, so the practice will not come amiss. There is a fair mob of us here & all are pretty fair.

Have been in Queer Sheel#### with a capital Q for pay lately. About a month ago my pay book became full up & I had to hand it in & the powers that be have not yet supplied me with a new pay book. And I’m informed that until I get a pay book I cannot draw anything _ _ _. Such is life.

Things are pretty fair with us all here & most of the lads are quite eager to be into it. Personally I’ve reached that stage, when it’s immaterial what they do with us, or how soon or how long we are before we are into it. Well there is no news much so I’ll close with best love, your loving son Bert.

over: Have been informed by a chap who was there at the time, that Percy’s bad luck was a put up job by several who for some reason or other had a down on him. I’ve got the name of one of the beggers. Percy doesn’t know yet. He thinks it was just bad luck.






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