26 July 1916


Dear Love

We have moved up yet another step and are bivouacked a few miles back and expecting at any hour to get orders to move.  We will probably be a day at least or perhaps two before we are into it.  I may have a chance of posting this before the stunt comes off.  I Haven’t heard anything of Vernie, Percy or Roy yet.  Vernie’s lot were in that stunt at Armentieres.  Percy’s lot were in our first attack here and Roy’s mob went over this morning.  I hope and expect that they’re alright but would like to know for certain.  I have an easy job but of course I may get a tougher one at any time.  My particular position is not a dangerous one but is well enough forward to make it exciting and one can see how the stunt is progressing,  Don’t worry about me at all as I have a knack of falling on my feet like a cat and I don’t expect to do otherwise this time.  The issue is in God’s hands and we can only trust his mercy and wisdom.  We must take the sunshine with the shadow and make the best of it.  Goodnight and may God ever watch over you and shield you from all harm.  With all my best of fondest love and hopes.    Your loving husband Viv.





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