28 April 1917


Dear Homefolks
You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m getting my mail ever so much better now. Yours of 10/2, 24/2 & 3/3 to hand, the latter arriving today.

Have also just rec’d one from Wal & Charlie, & Vernie has also broken the ice.

All his letters to me have been going astray – in a fit of a absentmindedness he addressed to the 14th T.B. – his own – instead of to the 1st T.B. No wonder I didn’t get them. That explains everything.

Don’t mind the condition of this paper as it’s all I have got!

Things are bumping along in much the same way as usual. We expect to have a decent spell before very long. I haven’t seen any Fritzs that I like better than myself yet – but of course theres tons of time yet. Wait till we get into Germhunny & see the Frauleins _ _ _.

Good gracious Mum whats up with you? Just cos I was a good little boy & told you all about a very nice English girl I met, you seem afraid that I do not know an 18 carat pearl when I have one _ _ _. Do not be alarmed. The only person who will stop me from having a nice little NSW girl, is the young lady herself. So do not worry.

Must write a nice letter to my new sister-in-law & give her the full strength of this Smythe family she has so rashly entered. She must be a game ‘un tho.

This last fortnight we’ve had lovely weather for this open air game – that is the rain has most considerately kept away. I suppose tho that it will come with a rush soon. Hope we are in billets when it does, or at least in a position where we have shelter. Sitting in an open trench whilst it is raining when ones clothes are as wet as they can be, dampens any ones ardour for hun strafing _ _ _ .

Vivie I think has finished his brief furlough & back with his mob. Mrs M tells me he has won a M.C. Isn’t that great & wont Clytie be proud of him? His mob are not very far from here, but they might as well be in Africa for all the chance I have of getting over to him. He may be able to wangle it tho. Well I close now. Am OK & wearing well. Have one notch cut in my rifle _ _ _.

Best of love to you all your loving son & brers Bert.






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