9 May 1915


Dear Mum,

Today completed our fourteenth day of battle, and up to the present I have not received a scratch. Don’t worry about Bert. His wound is in the shoulder but is only a flesh wound, and was made by a clean bullet. Had it been a dum-dum it would have blown his arm off. Some of the chaps have been frightfully torn about by dum dums. Ralph Dixon was wounded in the neck on the day we landed, but I haven’t seen him since and cannot get any tidings(??) of him.
I hope he gets over it OK. Keith Rixon one-time telegraphist at N’dera while I was there, was shot dead. He was trying to shoot an enemy sniper at the time. Bert was sent on board the hospital ship the morning he was shot, & I probably won’t see him again till he returns for more fight. I have had several fairly close shaves but I don’t run much risk as those in the firing line. Our Hqrs. is about 50 yds behind the firing line. The first four days fighting was very heavy. I suppose you have read of the glorious landing of the 3rd Brigade & their bayonet charge. Will write fully as soon as the censor’s embargo is raised. Best love to all from your loving son V.


Note from top corner: Rup Ferguson did not leave Lemnos. He was in hospital there.





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