17 February 1917


Dear Homefolks
Am still stuck in this hole, waiting for the isolation to lift, to get away to the front. Young Hill whom you all at home know well, left for France two days ago. Osborne of Jd also left on some draft as well as Cpl Davies Clytie’s uncle. Only met him the night he left. They all, especially young Hill, wished to be remembered to you. Young Sleeman is here now & will leave by next draft. He missed the last one through his teeth. One of the Freeman boys is here too. He’s an orderly at Bn Ord. Room, being too young for Active Service. They have all the under 19 youngsters – “war babies” we call them, doing permanent duties, guards etc. Jolly smart guards they make too. The smartest dressed man on guard is put on as orderley – a soft cop - & so there is always keen competition for the honour.

The weather here has become distinctly warmer, so now the ground which was frozen hard, has become a sticky morass. Its lovely – good practice for the conditions in France.

Haven’t heard direct from Vivie or Vernie lately, but they are both O.K. I do not think either of them got any special leave. I expect it is postponed until after the Big Push which I expect will start before long. Must get over to see the fun.

Percy is at Perham Downs (No 1 Command Depot) but haven’t been able to see him yet. Perham is 12 miles away & tho I could get a bike, the isolation prevents me from riding over.

Haven’t had any mail lately. Only received one (from Doris) the last time the Austn mail was in – may get a double dose next time.

Things are very quiet here so I cannot give you a decent letter.
With best love, your loving son & brer Bert.






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