17 September 1916

No 7 Camp
Perham Downs

Dear Homefolks
Many many happy returns of the day Mum & may we all be at home with you for your next birthday. There is a pretty fair chance of it.

I received quite a big batch of letters yesterday, but most of them were written when Gallipoli was an unknown tragedy. They were mostly 18 months old _ _ _. Still they were very welcome. It took me two hours to read them. The more up to date ones were dated 4/6/16, 10/6/16, 29/7/16.

I’ve finished with the Sig School & am back again with the Training Bn. When I got back there was an 18th reinforcement in charge & I had to drop a stripe, but they put me in charge 4 days later so now I’m again a Sgt. I do not know how long I’ll be here but I think it will be for some time. I certainly won’t break my neck to get over till the winter is over. It is just coming on now. I could get over I think if I had made myself a nuisance but the winter I know would settle me, so I won’t volunteer to go over till the Spring. I’ve got a heartbreaking job here to train the Bn Siglrs. They are the dopiest lot I’ve struck. Held a reading test yesterday & only 3 passed anywhere near the standard rate.

I received a lovely photo from Mrs Fox. It is a splendid one. My word it recalls the old times, & makes one long to be back in dear old Australia again. Also got a nice letter from Enid.

Percy has sent me over a few souvenirs from Pozieres to look after. One is the copper driving band of an 8 inch shell (to be made into 2 serviette rings) a clip of g. cartridges & a g. flare.   If I’m kept here I’ll do as a sort of receiving stn for things from the front _ _ _.

Address c/o Mrs M. in case of eventualities, cos nothing is certain in this game.

The loss of her son has broken Mrs Morgan up terribly. She is feeling it very badly.

Vivie Percy & Vernie were OK up till quite recently. Percy’s lot moved to Belgium.

Well I’ll close now with best love & wishes to you all, your loving son & brother Bert.






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