17 August 1915

Gaba Tepe
Tuesday 17th Aug

Dear Homefolks & Maisie.

Well I’m back in this unhealthy hole again but I’m glad to say it hasn’t had any ill effect on me so far. Arrived here last Sunday 15th about 3am & moved into the trenches at 9am & am now enjoying 48 hrs leave with the others after 48 hrs of the other thing.

Had rotten luck. Vernie saved up all my letters until just before the big charge a week ago & then fearing that some thing might happen he sent them to Eng. So I just missed them nicely. I got about 20 dated March & early April.

## ## at all surprised ## ## Vivie & Percy had enlisted, in fact I fully expected it, but Vivies other performance knocked me into a cocked hat altogether. I thought a lot of Clytie before but now I think ten times as much of her. I’m proud to have her for a sister.

Our boys have advanced to blazes since I was here last & its quite a walk from the beach to the firing line. And the maze of trenches well they’ve fogged me altogether. At our particular part we are from 5 to 10 yds off our friends the enemy & consequently it is a trifle exciting at times. On Sunday they were foolish enough to toss a few bombs into our quarters & of course you must understand we don’t tolerate that sort of thing at all here. ## ## were reluctantly con## ###







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