14 August 1914


Dear Dad,

I was very pleased to receive your wire this morning. I held my application till I heard from you, for I wasn't certain whether you would care for me to go or not. I wired Colonel Antill this morning, & now I'll be on pins & needles till I get his reply. My Boss is giving me a recommendation, copy of which I am attaching with other correspondence. He says I stand a very good chance of receiving a place on account of my telegraphic ability. I will let you know the result of application directly I hear. Best love & thanks.






I beg to confirm my telegram of todays date--
as follows:-

     “Kindly enrol me for service with
     “Expeditionary Contingent. Letter

  I herewith forward the regulation form of enrolment, and sincerely trust that you will be able to include me in the Expeditionary Force for service abroad.

  I am a First-Class Telegraphist, having had five years experience in the Postmaster General's Department; I was only transferred to the Department of Home Affairs on 27th. May last.

  I am a First-Class Rifle Shot, having won prizes at the Randwick Meeting of 1911.

  I am a good Athlete, and am perfectly fit physically; since the age of six years I have been used to the water both in summer and winter.

  I have served in the Militia from September 1912 to the present date (2 years).

  I am a good average horseman.

  Attached is a recommendation from Capt. J. Newman
(Late?) New South Wales Mounted Rifles.

  I understand from the papers that the Expeditionary Force will be leaving shortly, so I trust you will advise me of the acceptance of my services at the earliest possible moment, to enable me to make arrangements for my relief. If possible I would like you to wire me on receipt of this letter. Stamped telegram enclosed.

                                                Yours faithfully,
                                                            V. E. Smythe

            Col. Antill to PO
            Victoria Barracks





Lt Col J.M. Antill C.B.
Victoria Barracks

I can very strongly recommend Mr Vernon Smythe for Service with the Expeditionary Force, he is the class of young man required, is a first class Telegraphist and a good average horseman.

With regard to myself I am writing you in a day or two, I am at present engaged in Conducting the Election for the Riverina.






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