24 February 1916

“Sandville on the Sand”

Dear Mum,

Your very welcome letter (13/1/16) to hand today. Also one from Bert 2/2/16 just beginning a two weeks furlough he may be out here any time now. One from Jean Mac, dated 13/1/16 and one from Clytie dated 1/1/16. My mail is very erratic since I joined up. The papers seem to come very regularly but this is the first batch of letters I have had through the post. You didn’t give me Cousin Ernie’s address, send it as soon as you get this if you have it. I suppose he is over here by now. I suppose everything is ok at Kogarah as you didn’t mention otherwise. How is Dad’s business getting on. I hope it is going ahead and that he is keeping in good health. Have the prices of goods gone up much since I left and is the money you get from us quite sufficient or could you do with a little more. You see while we are out here the money mounts up in our pay books and as there is nothing to spend it on, it might just as well be put to some use at home. If you don’t need any I’ll send it on to Clytie. How is the house standing the test of time, any more defects noticeable yet, & what about the youngsters. Did the “One & Only” belonging to Viola interview the Military authorities re a free trip to this serene & placid shore. “If not” – in the words of the war census cards – “Why not” but perhaps I am too inquisitive. A sister-in-law of mine is in the same or a similar predicament, only rather more developed. The youth was, & I believe, still is, going to enlist after -? but when one event is past another intervenes. (ad infinitum). I don’t know anything definite, but a marriage which was to occur about Easter may also get into the same bad habit. So Barbara Park & Harold Finley have done the trick. That makes the second due to the Fellowship. I wonder who’ll be next from that quarter. Did you send Nurse Jackson one of my photos. Met Bill over here, he looks well but doesn’t feel too keen on the life. Glad to know that Clytie is often out to see you all & that she is keeping her pecker up O.K. I suppose I’ll have to hurry up & come home again as I’m not too anxious to have that nipper spoilt. However, I think it will manage to hold its own even against the two Grannys & seven aunts if it follows my tactics during early infancy. There is practically no news here and rumours are consequently very frequent & varied. According to them we are to set out any time from now up to three months ahead for each & every “front” there is and, of course, all the armies on all the “fronts” are only waiting for our arrival to march on Berlin. I see that there have been anti-German riots on the north coast. Wonder if Peggys husband was involved. Nurse Jackson’s eldest daughters husband. Krauss at Lismore had his place smashed & lost all his stock. He was a saddler up there & had a good biz before war broke out. Suppose its not much now. Those rioters would do much more good if they’d shoulder a rifle & come over here instead of playing such a cowardly part but that, I suppose is all they are fit for.

Must close now best love & wishes to you all

Your loving son





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