20 August 1916

Signalling School

Dear Homefolks
Things are OK with Percy Vernie & Vivie so far. Had a note from Vernie 8/8/16 & Percy 11/8/16 & he said Vivie was OK till then. But I suppose that you all will have heard from them before this reaches you. Percy has been through an awful time at Pozieres. The 3rd Bn has been almost wiped out. He gave me a pretty good description of the fighting. I think he ought to get something out of it. Poor Mrs Morgan has lost her son. He was killed by a shell at Pozieres. The first she heard of it was from Percy. The War office didn’t advise her until some time later. She is terribly broken up by it. Quite a lot of my old mates have been killed. Poor old Dick Rossen who was in charge of our tent at Kenso being among the fallen. Also a little chap Sgt Gordon who was wounded 3 times on Gallipoli. Percy has had some truly wonderful escapes. But I expect he’s told you all pretty fully about it all.

They are driving us pretty solid here, and I’m doing pretty well, but nothing extra ordinary. The school finishes 9th Sept, so it will be over before you get this. What they will do with me I do not know for certain. Haven’t had any home news of any sort for some time. Would you address all for me c/o Mrs Morgan & then wherever I happen to be they’ll be sent on. Otherwise they will be cruising all over the shop. I know that it is intended that any who get certificates here are to be instructors, but I don’t think I’ll be one for long if I have any choice. I want to get on a bit for several reasons – (chiefly one tho _ _ _.) & there is very little prospect unless one is where the whips are cracking, so if I do not get over the narrow strip it will not be for want of trying. Well news is rather scarce, except war news & you get plenty of it, so I’ll close with tons of love from your loving son & brother Bert






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