14 May 1917

Dear Percy,

I rode over to look Bert up the day before yesterday and was informed when I found his batt that he had been killed on 5th instant in the Hindenburg Line E of B – where we had got in and where Bert’s lot had relieved us. After several counter attacks had been beaten off, the captured position was very heavily shelled and in this shelling Bert crossed over. Death was instantaneous, so he felt no pain and knew nothing of the terror of approaching the brink. I am sending his few personal effects, very few, home, registered to make sure, but even now I can hardly realise the fact. It seems hard, but God’s ways are not to be read by us and we can only wait in patience the working out of His will.

He was buried in the trench where he fell. The map reference is France. Sheet 51B. SW.1/20.000. U23C 4 ¼ . 2 ½ . I am writing to Vernie, Home, Elsie & Mrs. Morgan. Will you write to Mum as soon as you get this? I cabled Clytie and she will probably get it about the same time as the official notification gets home. This note is short & may seem strange but I can’t write any more just now. God’s Will be done. In deepest sorrow & sympathy. Viv.





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