Postcards from Homefolks

Dear Bertie,

I wish you many happy returns of the day (Sat). I wish you were here so I could give your hair a big long pull. Would not it be lovely if we could go to this spot for a day. I mean all of us for a party. I will be writing a letter to you shortly, and a big long letter it will be. I cannot send you a present as you know but I will be able to some day, all of my own too. I must close now, I am your LOVING sister, Rita. I am sending you some kisses in return for those you sent me in the letter.

5th February

Very many happy returns of the day old squib, from the whole family. Hope that this day next year we may be able to pull your hair. If you get an attack of the pinks looks at the pretty(?) little(?) phizes on the other side, and cheer up. Hope you have a passable birthday wherever you are. Best love from Ida Viola and Rita.


Dear Percy,
How are you? The lawn is getting on splendid and in about a month it will be fit to play on. Look at our frontispiece and smile to. I will not tell you to give the Germans what for cause I know you will with love from Eric.

Dear Percy
How are you getting on over there Perce. I hope you don’t let the Turks get hold of you. I say your lawn is getting on lovely it will soon be fit to play on. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Gordon.

To Dear Perce,
From his loving mother Annie Smythe
McDonald Str
Sydney NSW

To Dear Old Perce,
with best love and wishing him god speed back home. Dad.

Hallo Perce,

Is that you or your ghost kicking around. I look a bit mad don’t I. It’s just what I feel at any rate – exam tomorrow, start off with English pass paper. Am feeling rather kerweer. Don’t forget to have a good time at Xmas even without Dorothy dear. Best love & wishes Ida.


To dear Vivie

with very best wishes for all your future your loving mother

Annie Smythe.


Dear Vivie, Best hopes and wishes for your welfare and progress. We are all well here and looking forward to an important event which tighten the bonds of love and affection between you and C and ourselves. Hoping to see you back safe and soon. With best love from Dad.


To dear Percy, with love and all good wishes for Xmas & the coming year. That god will keep you and award you always and in His own good time grant you a safe return to the dear home land is the prayer of you loving sister Clytie. Keep a brave heart dear lad with gods Almighty help.


Date unknown

Dear Perce

Just to wish you the compliment of the season and with kind regards

from Bert