20 April 1915

Sunday 20th April

Dear Viv

As we are only allowed to write one page, I’ll be able to write to you & Percy individually. When I wrote last week we thort that we’d be fighting in two or three days, but so far we haven’t tho we expect to be at it very shortly. The country here is lovely & green – wildflowers of all sorts in great profusion & everything looking lovely. There are eternally snow clad mountains near us – when I say near I mean we can see them. Got a very nice letter from Clytie last week, also one from Doris. Every one of our letters were over two months old so you can see how they’ve been delayed. Its OK being a full Cpl. I wish to goodness I’d got it a couple of months ago in Egypt. There were a lot of things that I would liked to have sent home. We can get plenty of nuts, figs, oranges & sweets & other luxuries pretty cheap here, so we don’t starve. Have got a new lot of signallers for A & they’re pretty good too, so I’m a lot easier in my mind now.
In case I don’t write again don’t let Mum worry as whatever happens will be for the best. Wishing both you & Clytie every happiness that you wish yourself, May God watch over you both.
Your loving brother Bert.


[snippet from damaged letter]

was & at was also quite exciting too. It’s OK now being a corporal tho I wish it had come a couple of months ago as the extra would have been very handy. I spose Eric & Gordon that you’ll have a bucket of medals for swimming when I get back. We can get all sorts of luxuries here all sorts of nuts, figs, fruits & others.
Don’t forget a bottle of that Dugong. Love from your loving son & brother Bert.






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