21 March 1917

Address of Mrs M still


Dear Homefolks
Just a few lines. Arr’d here at the base last Wednesday & expect to move up the line in about 10 days.

Expect to hear from Viv shortly & with luck I ought to hear from Vernie any year now. Last I heard of him he was in Blighty but I expect he’s back here by now.

According to the latest papers poor Fritz has the “wind up” a treat. The news is distinctly good. You’ll see your loving sons & brers in Berlin yet, trying to do a line with some podgy frau _ _ _.

The weather is a bit umpty dumpty but as we have sheepskins, do not feel it much except in the feet.

Had a fine band concert the other night. The famous band of the 1st Life Guards played selections all the evening. It was splendid – the best band music I’ve ever heard. The members of the band are not allowed to go to the front, their job being to keep the troops spirits up & they do it splendidly.

No other news that will pass our friend the censor so I’ll close, your loving son & brer Bert.






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