28 November 1916


Dear Mum & Dad & Srers & Brers.
Your very welcome letter of 10/10/16 to hand yesterday. Thanks so much for the Xmas parcels. They have not arrived yet, but they will probably turn up shortly.

Mrs Morgan is keeping fair but is not too bright at all. My roommate has just heard from Australia that his brother has been killed. Only a few miles apart & the first he hears is from Australia!

Yes I heard about the trouble the ## have been creating. It’s a pity some of the beggars didn’t show fight & get shot.

It’s a pity conscription wasn’t carried, dear knows we need the men over here badly enough too.

No I don’t remember Sleeman. There’s a chap here in the 3rd now from N who is a chum of Vernie’s. I forget his name just at present.

Well of all the rotten sickening luck. Elsie going to stay with you after xmas & I’m stuck in this place all through K.B. I’ll tune him up if ever I get a shot at him.

It’s meeself that knows I’ve got a bonzer girl Mum. Don’t tell her Mum or the little minx will get conceited. She’s giving me enough worry & bother as it is. For heavens sake when you get hold of her handcuff her & transport her to the Crown or some other studio & let me have the result by cable. If you can’t do that, buy a Kodak & snap her while she’s asleep in the morning, & send it by cable also. In any case get a photo of her by fair means or foul.

I’m very glad Rita to hear of you being so much better. You must get properly right or you will never be able to stand the rough & tumble you’ll get when I get back.

Viola you just cut those moonlight picnics out when your BEST bhoi is at the waugh or I’ll rite & tel im. Ida you are the only reliable one, why don’t you look after Viola? Plain case of neglect of duty. Sentenced to 6 months in a cookshop# without the option of a currant.

Please give me a vivid & true account of Flo’s gymnastics, both vocal & physical when she gets the letter accompanying this. A friend of mine took compassion on my helplessness & answered it.

Well Mumsie news is scarce so I’ll close with tons & tons of love to you all.
Your loving son & brother Bert.






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