19 April 1916

Page one missing assumed date 19/4/16

that I need someone to be handy to box my ears every few minutes. With the right sort of “boxer” I think I’d be quite cheerful & manageable _ _ _.
Don’t you _ _ _.

We’ve been getting tons of work lately. I’ve been bumping into guards, piquets, fatiques & etc. With disheartening regularity. I’m beginning to think that I’m quite a jonah. The fact of the matter is that we are rather short of NCOs & men in this Bn just at present, consequently there is plenty of work flying around.
You can write to me given below – so. 3rd Bn CARE 1st NSW TRAINING BN Tel-el-Kebir & they will stand the usual war time chance of being delivered within 8 months.

There is a bit of amusement obtainable here at a fair price, but money isn’t too plentiful. Anything in the eatable line is shockingly dear. The military (I’d better not say it) _ _ _.

We here all ## sorts of rumours about the 1st & 2nd Divs, but nothing official. I’d like to get some word from Vivie, Percy & Vernie. I don’t suppose they’ve been in action yet, or we’d have heard something about them.

Well there’s no news here at all, at least none that I can mention. I’m in fine fettle. This country agrees with me. I’ll close now with best love to you all your loving son & brother Bert.






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