27 September 1916


Dear Homefolks
I do not think there will be any need to worry over me for awhile now. I felt that it was my duty to get over to France if possible & with that in view I approached the Signal Offr but he has turned me down – refuses in fact to hear of it, so for awhile at least you can imagine me safe & snug in Eng whilst the others are in France doing their bit __ & mine. It’s no use punching away on a draft or I’d try that.  I’ve seen too much of its results to tackle it myself. You are eventually discovered & brought back & then tried by District Court Martial. There are several NCO’s in here now waiting for their “D.C.M’s”. I believe my appointment as Bn Sig Sgt will be confirmed soon & that’s as high as I’m likely to get.

Yesterday there was a big review on. The King reviewed about 35000 Australians at Bulford, which is 7 miles from here. We marched out from here early in the mng, & as we manouevered (that’s wrong) about a good bit whilst there, we were pretty fagged when we got home. It rained nearly the whole time & that of course made everyone jolly & happy. An obliging airman kept us interested whilst we were waiting about by some daring evolutions – looping the loop several times for us. The Sigs have had some bouquets thrown at them. The day before the review we were rehearsing & as the Bn is a lot under strength the Sigs had to parade as a platoon, & the C.O. as we passed the saluting point said "Splendid! Signallers – the best of the lot" _ _ _. Of course I felt as pleased as punch. The upshot was that the Signallers were given the front position – the leading platoon & I thought the march past the King was good. Was told afterwards that the 1st TB did best in the march past.

Mrs Morgan sent me a lovely wristlet watch as a keepsake from herself & poor Percy who was killed at Pozieres. She is altogether too good to me. Heard from Vivie on the 20/9/16 & the other two about a week earlier. I’m sending Percy out a few things this week.

Well I’ll close now with best love from your loving son & brother






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