1 September 1916

[Date unknown - assumed 1/9/16]

No 7 Camp
Perham Downs

Dear Homefolks
Well I’ve got back to the old home at last. Left Weymouth yesterday after an exciting time. I missed 3 trains in succession not too bad for a beginner was it _ _ _. Had intended to go by the 9.5 but at the last moment it was cancelled, so we had to catch the 10.3. Our luggage was being brought up by the transport & it wandered up at 10.2 & by the time I got my things out I found the train was moving out too fast for a flying jump, so I let is slide. The next was at 12.5 so I stayed at a friends & overdid it by 1 minute, & missed it again _ _ _. So then I took another train & arrived here after many changes by a roundabout route. Received good news on arrival. I was Acting Sgt & it was to be confirmed if I passed the school but during my absence an 18th reinforcement private was appointed as Signal Sgt so I’m done brown, & I’ve had to surrender my stripe so I’m again a full blown Corporal & incidentally – fed up _ _ _. Fed up right to the neck. The final exam came off last Monday & I have every confidence in having passed OK, but will not know until I’m informed through my unit how I did. I do not know what is going to be done with me. Everything here seems to be more or less tangled up. May be sent across the stream with the next draft, or I may be put on the instruction staff but the latter is no good to me without promotion.

Oh well I suppose it will all come right in the end, but just at present things seem to be going all askew. As my correspondence has all got behind through this Sig course I’ll only write a short letter so I can get a lot of over due letters off my mind.

I’ll close now with best love from your loving son & brother






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