2 May 1917


Dear Mumsey, [believed to be Mrs Morgan]

Received those letters you sent, also your short note on the back of one of the envelopes. I write to you fairly often - but have often to carry written letters about for some time before getting an opportunity to post.

When we pull back for a spell you'll get them better. I've been receiving mine OK thanks. Had a long letter from Vernie dated 24 March explaining how I didn't hear from him. Try & make him stay in Blighty for a reasonable time. Dear Knows he ought to now that he's married.

The weather is keeping lovely no rain for a fortnight
& the ground is quite hard & firm & dry on top.

Haven't been able to see Vivie yet, tho his lot are quite close. Saw two of his mob and they said he was back. Will probably see him when we pull out.

Clytie & Mum both send their very best wishes & asked to be remembered to you. Mum I think is writing.

If a letter comes for me from Elsie containing what you think is her photo, you may open it and have a look at her before sending it on, if you like. It will be along almost any time now.

Well Mumsie news is scarce so I'll close with best love

from Bert






This is the last letter written by Bert Smythe. He was killed next day 3.5.17 while his Battalion (3rd Btn AIF) was moving into the trenches at Bullecourt to relieve the 24th Btn (and his brother Viv Smythe).

The two brothers passed each other as the relief operation was carried out but did not see each other.

The letter 8.5.17 is written by Viv Smythe and describes the capture of Bullecourt - and mentions BERT SMYTHE - whose death was unknown to VIV SMYTHE at that date.

Clyde Smythe
Nov 1978






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