11 March 1917


Dear Homefolks
Things are still drifting along here. Very nearly went to France last Wednesday night, but just before we fell in the draft was postponed so now we are awaiting further orders. There is a big chance of all further drafts from here being stopped altogether, as it is rumored that the powers that be are going to make a new Division out of the troops on the Plains, but of course nothing definite is known. If it comes off I do not think we will see the front under 3 months.

My letters do not seem to come to light any better. The blanky U boats must be sinking the ships. The Austn mails seem to be a month apart.

Vernie is in London on leave & married. A mutual friend met him & Mrs M had a letter from him for Vivie c/o of her. The little beggar has never dropped me a line. He is evidently too much engrossed in his blushing bride.

Had a letter from Viv last week dated 1/3/17. Still no sign of his leave. He’s putting in all his spare time stirring up Fritz. The fighting is approaching open field work in his sector. His mail seems to be as elusive as mine.

The Sgts mess held a very successful dance in Salisbury last Friday. The festivities lasted till 3 am. Everybody enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Personally I didn’t go. Being on draft I was not allowed out of camp, so I came the proverbial ____ with a capital G _ _ _.

Do you remember Les Scott of the GL PO? He’s here now – a Sgt in the 2nd Bn.

Well news is right off. Weather just the usual Salisbury stuff.

Your loving son & brer Bert.






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